Majestic Theater, Eureka

The Majestic Theater of Eureka, Montana, lives up to its motto of “Big theater experience for a small theater price.”

The first run showings (current movies) play out on the big screen, while audiences pay small ticket prices and rest in comfortable seats while they watch. Find tickets online or call to watch the latest showing in Eureka.

The exterior of the Majestic looks like the theater has been lifted from the Wild West 100 years ago – and that makes perfect sense since the theater opened in 1912 and has been in continuous operation since!

Entering the theater itself is a cultural experience, leading back in time. The films, however, are the most current films from Hollywood.

Majestic Theater History

majestic theater history

The Majestic Theater has been serving Tobacco Valley for over 100 years, having opened in 1912.

The theater has been in continuous operation since it opened its doors, with 37+ of those years under the current ownership of Carl and Dee Dee Parshall.

The auditorium is paneled in pine from the floor to the blue ceiling, with flat attraction panel adornments at the front of the theater at the entrance.

The unique, small-town theater offers the perfect home-town feeling while you visit the region – with comfortable seats, friendly, staff, and beautiful charm.

Majestic Theater Details

If you’re looking for a comfortable seat at a great small theater, check the Majestic Theater’s website or Facebook for current shows playing.

Shows & Events

shows and events

Shows at the Majestic change weekly or semi-weekly, so it’s best to check their website or Facebook page often to make sure you know what’s playing currently.

Most recently, new hit movies like The Batman and DOG have played. New shows are coming, including The Lost City.

Check-in for other showings and upcoming films via their Facebook page for the most comprehensive information available.

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