Symphony Night at Rebecca Farm, Kalispell

Mark Barnett
Last Updated: February 15th, 2023

Imagine a balmy summer evening in Montana, with entertainment set in the midst of impressively-panoramic rural scenery. This is Symphony Night at Rebecca Farm—that special time of year when the Glacier Symphony Orchestra makes an appearance.

This annual July event is a surefire invitation to get outside and enjoy an evening of popular and lightly-classical sounds at this amazing farm location usually more associated with equestrian events.

Guide to Symphony Night at Rebecca Farm

Image: Glacier Symphony

Is this an Established Annual Event?


Indeed it is. It’s very annual. In fact, the symphony has been performing at Rebecca Farm for over 20 years now. Needless to say, the event has become something of a local institution that allows people to listen to music in the open air during the best of the summer months.

These days the festival attracts ever-growing numbers of attendees somewhere in the region of 2,000-plus. Rebecca Farm has established itself as an event venue and is renowned for various types of events across the annual calendar.

But Symphony Night at Rebecca Farm has become a Flathead Valley summer tradition and an annual highlight for residents and summer visitors.

About the Glacier Symphony

glacier symphony

The Glacier Symphony Orchestra has its roots back in the 1970s when the Performing Arts Council was first established in the Flathead Valley.

The orchestra of that time performed council-sponsored summer concerts in the Valley as the Hockaday Chamber Orchestra before going on to form the Glacier Orchestra, which still contains some of those original members today.

What to Expect from Symphony Night

The Glacier Symphony performs some great music under their signature saddle tent, usually with an accompanying theme.

The 2022 show featured favorite movie themes, and the event typically occurs sometime around the time of 9th or 10th of July on the second weekend.

Performances start at 7:30 pm but the gates are open at 5:30 pm for anyone wanting to indulge in their own pre-concert picnic or check out some of the other options on offer from a variety of food and beverage trucks and vendors.

Where Are Tickets Available?

Tickets are mainly unreserved with a $5.00 fee paid at the gate for anyone biking in. There is a limited amount of seating available that can be reserved for families and groups, some of it open-air and the rest under a tented area.

There are also special rates of around $55 for vehicles which typically ensures chock-full carloads of people.

Further information and tickets are available for Symphony Night at Rebecca Farm by calling the box office at 406-407-7000 or looking HERE.


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