Spring Meadow Lake State Park, Montana

Spring Meadow Lake State Park is an urban park popularly known for family visits due to many recreational activities. This day-use park was once a gravel pit and factory site given to the state in 1981. It sits on Helena’s western edge.

The state park sits on 61.1 acres of land, and it features a 30-acre artificial, spring-fed lake at the center. It’s home to picnic shelters and a 0.8-mile nature trail around the lake.

The park has a pavilion for group use or family gatherings with lights and a nearby hydrant. There is a spacious parking lot and elegant restrooms.

Spring Meadow Lake State Park offers exceptional wildlife viewing as it has plenty of turtles, rabbits, and numerous bird species. You get the opportunity to see sunfish, bass, and trout as they are introduced to the lake.

spring meadow lake state park, mt
Image: Roger Lynn

Spring Meadow Lake State Park Stats

  • Size – 61.1 acres
  • Season – Accessible all year round
  • No campsites

Main Attractions

The main attractions in Spring Meadow Lake Park include:

Spring Meadow Lake

spring meadow lake
Image: Roger Lynn

The lake is the park’s focal point, and it is an excellent place for you to enjoy yourself with your family. Vacationers from all over visit the park to see the beautiful spring-fed artificial lake.

The lake is deep with clear water with numerous things to do for people of all ages. It is suitable for swimming, fishing, scuba diving, and sunbathing. You can also paddle non-motorized boats around the lake.


Scenic mountains and attractive plains surround Spring Meadow Lake State Park. You will have gorgeous views of Mount Helena slopes. You will also have an opportunity to see different tree species and vegetation in the park.

Fishing Pier

A fishing pier was added in 2011 on the far end of the lake. This wooden platform extends from the lake’s shores and provides a friendly place where adults and children can drop a line to see what is biting.

The area is well protected, and you can easily monitor your kids trying to fish.

Recreational Activities

recreational activities
Image: Roger Lynn

The park is an outdoor haven with many recreational activities. It’s a relaxing place to bring your loved ones and friends. Here are some of the recreational opportunities in this state park.


Whether you are an experienced angler or just fishing for fun, Spring Meadow Lake is the ideal place for you. The park is also equipped with a fishing dock for physically impaired anglers.

The main catches in the lake include largemouth bass, pumpkinseed, yellow perch, west slope cutthroat trout, and sunfish. Ice fishing is possible during winter.

Wildlife Viewing

Spring Meadow Lake State Park offers exceptional wildlife viewing opportunities. You will see rabbits, turtles, among other animals.

Bird Watching

Spring Meadow Lake Park is home to different bird species. Carry your binoculars to watch birds like Canada goose, mallard, American Coot, Northern Flicker, Black-billed Magpie, American Robin, Osprey, and Ring-billed gull.


Are you looking for a natural and beautiful place to have a walk? This state park has a 0.8-mile trail that goes around the lake.

The trail is usually busy in summer when many people come to swim. Strolling along this route is ideal during the winter season, and you can also ice-skate if the area is much colder.


Would you like a panoramic and spectacular place for a photo session? Spring Meadow Lake State Park is the ideal location for you as it has diverse landscapes.

It has beautiful green grasses on the shores of the lake where you can take fantastic images. Besides, you can capture lovely photos as you swim, fish, stroll, or boat in this great lake.

Swimming and Boating

The natural spring-fed lake has cool, crystal clear water mainly used for swimming, scuba diving, sunbathing, and non-monitored boating. The lake is well-maintained, making it friendly for kids to swim.

Note: The state park has no lifeguard on duty. People swim at their own risk. However, complementary life jackets for children and adults are available from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Spring Meadow Lake State Park Trail Routes

The state park has one great trail, the Spring Meadow Lake Park Loop.

Spring Meadow Lake State Park Loop

This self-guided interpretive trail is 1.9 km and circles the lake. It’s a mixed surface trail that features concrete sidewalks near the parking lot and crushed gravel along the way.

The loop is adventurous and offers spontaneous views of the park. This trail is easy to walk on with kids since it’s mostly flat.

While walking along the trail, look for various species of passerine birds in the willow thickets and cattails on the lake’s shores. You can also spot some rabbits. When you get to the far end of the lake, there is a large fishing pier where you can drop a line.

You will encounter many people on this route during summer. Bikes are not allowed on this trail.

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