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Last Updated: May 27th, 2024

You get takeout from your favorite places a couple times a week, maybe you whip up some easy recipes from time to time…but, c’mon, it’s gettin’ a little boring, right? Maybe you’re craving something to impress guests with at your next dinner party. Maybe you’re trying to just get better in the kitchen so you can do do tasty meal prep. Well, if you live in Bozeman, you’re in luck! 

From mastering homemade pasta to grilling perfect steaks like a pro, there’s a cooking class available right now in Bozeman that’ll transform your kitchen game. Whether you’re a total newbie or a seasoned home cook, let’s explore why Bozeman’s cooking classes are the perfect recipe for fun, food, and maybe even meeting some new friends.

1. La Cuisine

La Cuisine

  • Location: 2405 W Main St STE 6, Bozeman, MT 59718 (Open in Google Maps)
  • Class Focus: A variety of cuisines and skill levels, from crafting the perfect pie to weeknight dinner lifesavers. They even offer classes geared towards kids and teens!
  • Class Schedule and Availability: Check their online calendar for ever-changing options
  • Target Audience: Everyone, from beginners looking for the basics to folks wanting to refine specific skills.
  • Online Presence: Website and active on Instagram (@lacuisinebozeman) and Facebook
  • Why We Chose It: La Cuisine is a Bozeman institution, beloved for its beautiful kitchen store and top-notch instructors. They cater to all levels, making it a great starting point.

La Cuisine is more than just a place to find top-of-the-line cookware. Their spacious teaching kitchen is the heart of Bozeman’s cooking class scene. With a passionate focus on community, La Cuisine’s staff consistently bring warmth and an infectious love of their craft to their workshops. Their instructors are seasoned professionals who not only know their stuff but make cooking fun and approachable.

Whether you’ve always dreamed of mastering Mexican-American border foods, have been wanting to tackle to perfect pie from scratch, or want to plan a kid-friendly cooking party, La Cuisine likely has a class for you. They even offer private, customizable events to help you host the perfect corporate team-bulding event or even a special girls’ night out.

Whatever class you decide to land on, La Cuisine helps transform any hesitant first-timers into confident home cooks in a flash.

2. Chef Greg Montana

Chef Greg Montana

  • Location: Rotating locations or private classes in your own home. (Open his Google Business Profile)
  • Class Focus: Personalized, hands-on experiences focusing on fresh, seasonal ingredients. Chef Greg specializes in catering too, so expect pro-level tips.
  • Class Schedule and Availability: Varies; check his website for upcoming dates and themes.
  • Target Audience: Intermediate to advanced cooks, or culinary enthusiasts looking for an in-depth experience.
  • Online Presence: Website ( and on Facebook (@chefgregmontana)
  • Why We Chose It: Chef Greg brings over 20 years of restaurant experience to his classes. If you’re serious about upping your culinary game or want to plan a truly special occasion, he’s your guy.

Chef Greg Montana’s classes are about diving deep into the world of professional cooking. His clients rave that he is a true, world-class chef. He goes far beyond just recipes, often emphasizing the deeper  “why” behind cooking techniques.

Expect classes breaking down the fundamentals of the perfect pasta carbonara, techniques for making heavenly Chinese dim sum, or even butchering lessons highlighting how to make the most of local meats.

His classes offer smaller group sizes, allowing for personalized attention. And the chef offer more than just special classes – he can help you plan and execute a memorable and intimate dinner party with a vibrant multi-course menu. Chef Greg can can also build a customized class for you and your friends based on specific desires and tastes.

His passion for Montana’s seasonal bounty often shines through, so you can get a chance to learn all about regional cuisine and flavors. If you’ve been dreaming of bringing restaurant-level skills into your kitchen, investing in Chef Greg’s classes can make your dreams a reality.

3. Montana State University Extended Campus

Montana State University Extended Campus

  • Location: MSU Campus, class locations vary. (Open in Google Maps)
  • Class Focus: Budget-friendly cooking on a variety of topics. Great for beginners or those exploring a specific skill.
  • Class Schedule and Availability: Changes based on semester; check their continuing education website for offering.
  • Target Audience: Cost-conscious individuals, students, and anyone looking for shorter, focused classes.
  • Online Presence: MSU Extended Campus website (
  • Why We Chose It: MSU taps into local chefs and expertise for their classes, offering an affordable way to learn new skills without long-term commitment.

Think of Montana State University’s cooking classes as your kitchen skills toolbox. They offer an eclectic range of short classes, often focusing on specific techniques, cuisines, or dietary needs.

You might find a weekend workshop on sourdough bread baking, a crash course in healthy meal prep, or specialized classes on indigenous cuisine from seasoned chefs and caterers.

To get info classes available each semester, you’ll want to contact the extended campus prior to the semester via email at or via phone at (406) 994-6550.

MSU’s extended campus programs stand out because of their accessibility. Classes are priced affordably, making them perfect for students, seniors, and anyone who wants to test the waters of a new cooking style without breaking the bank. While smaller in scale than some private cooking schools, MSU’s classes offer top-tier professional instruction and the chance to level-up your culinary game.

4. Bridger Kulinary Centre

Bridger Kulinary Centre bozeman

  • Location: 7540 Pioneer Way, Bozeman, MT 59718 (@ Four Corners) (Opein in Google Maps)
  • Class Focus: Pairing delicious food with wine education.
  • Class Schedule and Availability: Every Thursday from 6:30-8:30 pm (except holidays), check out their website for upcoming class themes
  • Target Audience: Thoses looking for instructional classes that are also entertaining. You’re allowed to bring your own wine or beer with you.
  • Online Presence: Website
  • Why We Chose It: Bridger Kulinary Centre is a nice medium between intensive cooking classes and a fun date night or outsing with friends. This is a nice way to break into cooking with professional guidance, but not necessarily go full chef mode right away.

The Bridger Kulinary Centre seamlessly blends professional culinary expertise and guidance with pure fun and entertainment. You’ll have a blast learning as you help construct a savory 4- or 5-course meal from scratch. Revolving class themes sprawl across varied cuisines, from Moroccan to Italian, Indian to Korean, and everything in between.

You’ll learn the basics of ethnic cuisines while also sharpening your basic cooking skills. And the social aspect is what really makes Bridger Kulinary Centre stand out here.

You can bring along your own wine and beer, and they also offer you a complimentary drink. So, you get to dive into cooking while also doing some light partying and heavy socialzing. This is the perfect choice for you if you’re looking for an entertaining night out or are just dipping your toes into ethnic cusines.

More to Explore

Bozeman’s cooking class scene is always simmering with new options. Here are a few more ways to get your culinary creativity flowing:

  • Olivelle Bozeman: A full-on culinary experience that is exciting, colorful, and full of fresh flavors! Olivelle put great passion into their work and hope to inspire creativity and love for good food. They have ongoing classes covering everything from Mediterannean to pizza, summer salads, sourdough bread baking, and even cocktail crafting. (
  • Farm-to-Table Options: Keep an eye out for special classes that involve visiting local farms and turning fresh ingredients into deliciousness. These experiences offer a unique insight into where our food comes from. Check local food publications, farmers’ market announcements, or even follow your favorite farms on social media for updates.
  • Community Resources: Don’t overlook resources like the Bozeman Public Library or your local community center. They occasionally host cooking classes or workshops, sometimes for free!
  • Online Exploration: Websites like Cozymeal allow you to search for local chefs offering private or small-group cooking experiences, sometimes right in your own home.


Come on ditch those boring frozen pizzas! Start leaning how to cook great meals for yourself or how to host dinner parties that completely wow everyone. Bozeman’s got plenty of great options that offer something for everyone. So, grab an apron, channel your inner chef, and get ready to discover just how fun (and delicious) expanding your kitchen talents can be.

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