Best Time to Visit Lockwood, Montana

best time to visit lockwood

Within Yellowstone County is Lockwood, Montana. This small place offers visitors a small retreat from the more crowded town nearby Billings. This town is a hub for outdoor activities, being nearby gorgeous hiking trails and ski slopes as well as a few popular state parks. Well, many visitors choose to …

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Best Time to Visit Miles City, Montana

best time to visit miles city

Miles City in Montana is a small but growing city with western charm and lively culture. Near the Yellowstone and Tongue rivers, the city transports visitors to the wild west with its unique architecture and culture. Visitors can enjoy exploring a city that has a laid-backed cowboy vibe thanks to …

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Best Time to Visit Whitefish, Montana

best time to visit whitefish

If you are planning a visit to Big Sky Country, you’ll want to know the best time to visit Whitefish. Use our guide to help you decide the best time for you to enjoy Whitefish, Montana. When is the Best Time to Visit Whitefish? In general, spring and summer are …

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Progress Through History At Yellowstone County Museum

yellowstone county museum

Travel Back In Time At The Yellowstone County Museum The Yellowstone County Museum was formed in 1953. A partnership between the City of Billings, the Yellowstone Historical Society, and others made it possible. The mission was to preserve and share the history of life in the Yellowstone River basin. Three …

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Airports Near Havre, Montana

airports near havre, montana

Havre is a small railroad town with rolling plains and mountain peaks. Visit its many cultural attractions and outdoor recreational areas. Browse a local gallery, hike a mountain trail, fish in a nearby stream, or listen to live music in this rural, close-knit community. If you are a nature lover …

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Best Time to Visit Havre, Montana

Best Time to Visit Havre

The county seat of Hill County, Montana, and supposedly named after the city of Le Havre in France, Havre is a small town gem offering an exciting rural retreat near the outdoors to visitors. Once serving as one of the main railroad stops in Montana, today many visitors stumble across …

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Best Time to Visit Deer Lodge, Montana

best time to visit deer lodge

If there is a city that beautifully combines modern metropolis with a timeless sensibility and rustic touch, it must be Deer Lodge, Montana. Add the traditional Western flair and pleasant temperatures, and you will understand why the home to one of the oldest prisons draws tourists. If you’re planning a …

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Coolidge Ghost Town, Montana

coolidge ghost town

Devoid of people today, Coolidge ghost town was once a vibrant town full of silver deposits. Plenty of derelict buildings now mirrors how far Montana’s largest silver development site has fallen. The town may be without a living soul, but it might have wandering spirits from the past. An afternoon …

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What is the Montana State Gemstone?

what is the montana state gemstone

In 1969 local legislature declared both the Sapphire and the Montana Moss Agate as the Montana State Gemstone. However, the value of these local jewels wasn’t always recognized, especially during the state’s early history. When the Montana Gold rush began in 1842, many settlers immigrated to Montana to start their …

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Sapphire Mines in Montana, A Complete Guide

sapphire mines in montana

Montana is home to North America’s only commercially mined sapphire industry. Millions of carats of Montana Sapphires have been produced, and at least a million cut stones have entered the world’s jewelry market. Declared the official State Gemstone of Montana in 1969, Sapphires have become a cornerstone of Montana industry, …

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