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Last Updated: May 17th, 2024

When people think of Montana, their mind usually conjures up wide-open spaces and small-town vibes. For many destinations in this state, such preconceived images are accurate. But things are starkly different when it comes to Billings, Montana’s largest city. One unexpected fact about this place is that it holds a surprisingly vibrant tattoo scene. 

Choosing where to get inked here isn’t just about finding a skilled artist – it’s about finding the shop that vibes with your style and makes you feel confident. And in this city, you actually have the option to do so. You even have the option to get pierced! Let’s take a stroll through some of Billings’ best studios as we offer some tips to ensure your next piece of body becomes a cherished expression you enjoy for years to come.

The Importance of Tattoo Shop Safety & Hygiene

Before wading knee-deep into artistic styles, let’s address the elephant in the room: safety matters! Reputable tattoo shops prioritize cleanliness and hygiene to protect both you and their artists. Here’s what you should be looking out for:

  • State Licensing: Montana requires tattoo artists to be licensed. Shops should prominently display this.
  • Cleanliness: The space should be tidy, with well-organized workstations.
  • Sterilization: Ask about their sterilization procedures for equipment and needles.

Legendary Tattoo Studio and Art Gallery

Legendary Tattoo Studio and Art Gallery

  • Location: 1124 16th St W, Billings, MT 59102 (Open in Google Maps)
  • Style: Strong in 3D, black-and-white, realistic portraits, and traditional artwork.
  • Specialties: Custom designs, creative walk-in options, and a focus on client experience.
  • Price Range: Mid-range and upwards, depending on the artist.
  • Other Offerings: Permanent cosmetics and massage.
  • Vibe: Relaxed, art-centric space, perfect for feeling both comfortable and inspired.
  • Why We Chose Legendary: A Billings staple, they offer a wide range of styles, making it appealing to various tastes.

Legendary Tattoo isn’t just a shop, it’s woven into the fabric of Billings’ creative culture. This is evidenced by their long-standing art gallery that displays local canvas and photographic arts It’s the place where first-timers and seasoned collectors alike come for artistry that transcends mere ink on skin.

Their reputation isn’t just built on stunning tattoos; it’s about the entire experience. You can even get cupping and deep-tissue massages here! Stepping inside, you’re not just another customer, you’re an individual entering a space buzzing with creative energy.

Their team of artists is a carefully curated ensemble. Each brings a distinct strength to the table, ensuring there’s someone available to help translate your vision into reality.

Whether you dream of a bold neo-traditional piece that tells a story loudly, a delicate illustrative work infused with personal meaning, or a photorealistic masterpiece that captures important memories, Legendary’s roster has the talent to deliver.

Their collaborative spirit extends to the client experience. From the moment you walk in, you’ll sense that this isn’t just about getting a tattoo – it’s about bringing your unique idea to life. Their artists are known for their patience, guidance, and genuine enthusiasm for transforming your concept into an enduring piece of wearable art.

Sovereign Tattoo

  • Location: 2040 Rosebud Dr Unit 5, Billings, MT 59102 (Open in Google Maps)
  • Style: Excels in American traditional, bold lines, and vibrant colors.
  • Specialties: Cover-ups, large-scale work, and delivering classic tattoos with a punch.
  • Price Range: Mid- to high-end
  • Piercings: No
  • Vibe: Welcoming and professional with a classic tattoo parlor feel.
  • Why We Chose Sovereign: If bold and timeless are your goals, Sovereign’s artists deliver.

Sovereign Tattoo works to embody tattooing’s rich history. Entering their establishment feels like being welcomed into a time-honored tradition. This isn’t the place for fleeting trends. It’s a haven for those seeking tattoos that will stand the test of time, both in style and execution.

The artists at Sovereign are masters of their craft, specializing in the American traditional style. These aren’t mere imitations – it’s obvious that they understand the soul of this iconic style and infuse each piece with a unique and contemporary edge. If you have a beloved classic design in mind, this shop can bring it to life with a vibrant punch.

Sovereign also excels in the art of the cover-up. If you’ve found yourself regretting any past tattoos, you can thankfully find redemption here. Transform your regret into a bold statement that you take pride in. Sovereign’s expertise in large-scale work means they don’t shy away from ambitious projects, turning a large swath of your skin into a beautiful canvas, frozen in time.

While Sovereign celebrates tattooing’s roots, their atmosphere is far from intimidating. The classic parlor feel is tempered with warmth and professionalism, making both first-timers and seasoned collectors feel at ease.

Cin City Tattoo & Body Piercing

Cin City Tattoo

  • Location: 2075 Central Ave UNIT B, Billings, MT 59102 (Open in Google Maps)
  • Style: Versatile with artists skilled in fine line, watercolor, realism, and more.
  • Specialties: Accommodating both small, delicate pieces and large-scale work.
  • Price Range: Mid-range
  • Piercings: Yes, extensive piercing services available.
  • Vibe: Clean, modern, with a friendly and approachable atmosphere.
  • Artist Portfolio:
  • Why We Chose Cin City: The ideal shop if you’re unsure of the exact style you want – their artists have the breadth to guide you.

Cin City Tattoo & Body Piercing embodies the modern tattoo experience: versatile, welcoming, and focused on artistic excellence. Their clean, brightly lit studio instantly put clients at ease by projecting an approachable yet professional atmosphere. Whether you’re a nervous newbie considering a tiny, symbolic piece or a seasoned collector with a large-scale concept, Cin City has the talent and the vibe to meet you where you are.

Their artists are chameleons who possess a wide range of skills. From intricate fine line work to soft, dreamy watercolor pieces and photorealistic masterpieces, their portfolios showcase their impressive adaptability. And don’t worry if you have an idea but are unsure of the perfect style to express it. The Cin City team can guide you through the creative process.

This versatility extends to project size. Cin City artists are equally comfortable creating delicate, minimalist tattoos as they are tackling multi-session, intricate statement pieces. Their extensive piercing services also make them a one-stop shop for all of your different body art needs. One of the greatest things about Cin City is their level of quality and out-of-the-box thinking. They’re living proof that a modern tattoo shop doesn’t have to sacrifice quality or forec itself nto a stylistic box.

BodyWorks Tattoo & Piercing

BodyWorks Tattoo & Piercing

  • Location: 701 24th St W, Billings, MT 59102 (Open in Google Maps)
  • Style: Masters of bold traditional, fine line, and realism.
  • Specialties: Walk-in friendly, flash days, and playful, memorable designs.
  • Price Range: Affordable to mid-range
  • Piercings: Yes, a wide variety
  • Vibe: Upbeat, fun-loving, putting a smile on your face as you get inked.
  • Artist Portfolio:
  • Why We Chose BodyWorks: Perfect if you want a lighthearted tattoo experience and a design with personality.

BodyWorks Tattoo & Piercing is the place where getting inked becomes pure fun. They understand that tattoos don’t always need to be deep and serious – sometimes they’re about pure self-expression, a dash of whimsy, and wearing your inner geek on your sleeve (quite literally!). Their vibrant studio radiates a playful energy, instantly putting a smile on your face. Don’t let this detract from their professionalism, however. They are thoughtful, seasoned artists that can make your ideas come to life!

These are the masters of bold traditional designs infused with a healthy dose of pop culture, humor, and anything that makes you grin. Imagine a beautiful flower sequence, a beloved meme immortalized in ink, or a quirky inside joke you can proudly carry.

BodyWorks shines brightly with their walk-in availability. They are great at turning getting tattooed into a memorable experience, filled with buzzing energy and a chance to snag a unique pre-designed piece at a sweet price point. If you want your ink to spark joy and conversation, BodyWorks is your happy place.

Eternal Ink

Eternal Ink

  • Location: 945 1/2 Grand Ave, Billings, MT 59102 (Open in Google Maps)
  • Style: Specializes in photorealism (color and black & grey), with an emphasis on portraits.
  • Specialties: Capturing likeness, animal portraits, and emotionally resonant pieces.
  • Price Range: Mid-range
  • Piercings: Yes
  • Vibe: Professional, serious, and focused. Ideal for artwork, not just a tattoo.
  • Artist Portfolio:
  • Why We Chose Eternal Ink: The choice for hyper-realistic tattoos with a deep impact.

Eternal Ink is where artistry goes beyond skin-deep! The artists at this shop are adept at transforming your  memories, loved ones, and cherished passions into breathtaking ink-etchings. This isn’t a shop for casual tattoos (though you can certainly pop in for one!) – it’s a special shop for those seeking pieces that possess depth and emotional impact. Their studio atmosphere reflects this focus – clean, professional, and free from distractions.

The artists at Eternal Ink are skilled at photorealism and more fantastical imagery, working both in vibrant color and stunning black and grey. Their meticulous attention to detail ensures that portraits, animal companions, or deeply symbolic imagery come to life with dazzling quality that commands a second glance. They understand the power of tattoos to immortalize, to honor, and to evoke profound emotions.

Choosing Eternal Ink is an investment in wearable artistry. Their high-end pricing reflects the time, expertise, and sheer talent required for pieces that become woven into the tapestry of your life. If you long for ink that goes beyond mere decoration, Eternal Ink will deliver an unforgettable masterpiece.

Beyond the Ink: Making Your Tattoo Last

Getting the perfect tattoo is an exhilarating first step, but the journey doesn’t end the moment you leave the shop. Proper aftercare is absolutely crucial for ensuring your ink heals beautifully and remains vibrant for years to come. Think of it as an investment in the longevity of your body art!

  • Your Artist, Your Aftercare Guru: Each tattoo artist will provide specific aftercare instructions tailored to your piece’s size, placement, and style. Follow them to the letter. These instructions will address things like cleansing, ointment use, and how long to keep your tattoo covered.
  • The Battle Against Fading: The sun is your tattoo’s worst enemy when it comes to vibrancy. Make sunscreen a non-negotiable part of your routine, especially on exposed skin. Focus on SPF 30 or higher and remember to reapply as directed, even on cloudy days.
  • Moisture Is Key: During the initial healing phase, keeping your tattoo moisturized prevents excessive scabbing, itching, and potential scarring. Your artist will recommend the best product – usually, fragrance-free lotions or specialized tattoo ointments. Apply as directed, but avoid over-moisturizing, which can also hinder healing
  • Healing Takes Time: Resist the urge to pick at any scabs! Let your body heal naturally. Peeling or scratching prematurely can lead to patchy color or blurred lines. Expect some itchiness as part of the process.
  • Lifestyle Matters: While your tattoo heals, avoid activities like swimming or soaking in hot tubs, as these increase the risk of infection. Also, give your skin a break from tight, non-breathable clothing that rubs against the tattooed area.


Whether you’re a Billings native seeking your next piece or a visitor drawn by the city’s unique energy, its tattoo shops offer a wealth of talent to turn your ideas into reality. Prioritize safety, explore portfolios to find your stylistic match, and embrace this transformative form of self-expression!

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