Sleeping Child Hot Springs, Montana

Sleeping Child Hot Springs is a VRBO that sits on a 40-acre estate in the Rocky Mountains south of Missoula. It’s surrounded by the Bitterroot National Forest and has private gated access.

First discovered by Nez Perce Aboriginals in the 1870s, Sleeping Child Hot Springs was named in rather bizarre circumstances.

The Nez Perse was in a confrontation with a group of soldiers and decided to enlist women in the battle. A section of women traveling through the Sleeping Child Creek chose to leave their infants at the hot springs before joining the fight.

Upon returning, they found their infants safe and peacefully sleeping. The women paid tribute to the springs by naming it the Sleeping Child Hot Springs.

After its discovery, Sleeping Child Hot Springs became a spot for romantic dates, family reunions, and anyone seeking to enjoy healing thermal waters. All these changed in the early 90s when Ed Chopot bought the place and closed it to the public.

He erected a 5-story lodge which he later sold to Harold Mildenberger and John Blahnik. Today, Sleeping Child Hot Springs is listed as a rental and is also on sale.

sleeping child hot springs, mt

Sleeping Child Hot Springs Facilities

Sleeping Child Hot Spring is a mountaintop resort boasting a main house, caretaker’s quarters, a swimming pool, and two hot tubs.

The 5-level condo-like cabins have about 25,000 square feet of living space. The lodge features:

  • Nine bedrooms – sleeps 20
  • Three kitchens
  • 17 bathrooms
  • Wrap-around decks
  • Laundry facilities
  • An elevator
  • Indoor fountains
  • Bar
  • Game room
  • Rooftop solarium
  • Grand piano
  • Direct TV
  • Dance floor

The nine bedrooms can accommodate up to 20 guests. The type and number of beds in each room vary. Some have Queen/King sized beds, while others have Twins or Futons.

Baths are 12, while half baths are 5. Most bathrooms have a toilet and a combination of a tub and a shower. In some, you’ll find jetted tubs and bidets.

More living space in this lodge can be found at the detached caretaker’s quarters.

The well-groomed outdoor grounds hold a 30×60 hot spring pool, two spas, and a sauna. 130-degree natural hot springs water feeds these pools.

Not that you’ll swim in the hot 130 degrees water, the swimming pool is cooled down to a soothing 102 degrees. Take a dip in the two intimate tubs if you fancy warmer waters. One is maintained at 128 degrees while the other at 108 degrees.

Clothing is optional at Sleeping Child Springs, while the waters aren’t chemically treated.

The pool and tubs aren’t the only heated facilities. The hot springs heat the entire property at 130 degrees.

The detached garage can accommodate seven cars, while the outside parking spot can handle more than 30 cars. The lodge has a heated pad heliport and a 1600-square-foot hanger.

A paved drive connects the hot springs to the county road.

Sleeping Child Springs is children-friendly, but pets are banned. The main building is a smoke-free zone, meaning hosts have to smoke outside.

Plenty of onsite recreation await vacationers at these hot springs. Visitors can enjoy the following onsite activities.

  • Bocce Ball
  • Mountain biking
  • Hot tub lounging
  • Ping Pong
  • Billiards
  • Fly fishing
  • Croquet
  • Snooker
  • Horseshoe pitching

Sleeping Child Hot Springs Stats

  • Size: 30 x 60
  • Average temperature: 102 degrees
  • Season: All seasons
  • Price: $1,750 plus tax per night
  • Website:
  • Nearest town: Grantsdale

Getting There

Sleeping Child Hot Springs sits atop the Rocky Mountains in Bitterroot National Forest. It’s accessible by car.

From Grantsdale

  • Starting at Grantsdale, turn right onto MT 38 W. Later, turn left onto the Sleeping Child Road. Take the Sleeping Child Rd for 13 miles. You should see a paved drive connecting the road to the hot springs.
  • The distance from Grantsdale to Sleeping Child Hot Springs is 13 miles and should take approximately 20 minutes by car.

From Hamilton

  • Driving from Hamilton, take US 93 S for 3.7 miles, turn left onto MT 38 E. Head straight, and turn right onto Sleeping Child Rd. Drive straight for 13 miles, then take the paved drive to the hot springs.
  • Hamilton is approximately 17 miles from Sleeping Child Hot Springs. It takes about 25 minutes to cover this distance by car.

From Darby

  • From Darby, take US 93 N, drive for 15 miles, and turn right onto MT 38 E. Later, turn right onto Sleeping Child Rd and drive for 13 miles to the hot springs.
  • Sleeping Child Hot Springs is 28 miles from Darby. Driving this distance shouldn’t take more than 40 minutes.

From Missoula

  • Starting at Missoula, take US 93 S for 51 miles, then turn left onto MT 38 E. Later, make a right turn onto Sleeping Child Rd and drive for 13 miles. Take the paved drive to Sleeping Child Hot Springs.
  • The distance from Missoula to the Sleeping Child Hot Springs is about 64 miles and shouldn’t take more than one and a half hours by car.

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