Best 6 Coffee Shops in Miles City, Montana

Rebecca Hanlon
Last Updated: March 4th, 2023

With an undeniable Old West charm, Miles City has a small-town feel, a heart as wide as the Tongue River, and a vibrant community that prizes its farmers market and Eastern Montana Fair. Yeehaw!

Originally home to the Cheyenne Indians, Miles City was incorporated in 1887, making it a nationally renowned livestock and horse-trading center.

Sticking to tradition, this Custer County seat also hosts the annual Bucking Horse Sale, making it the perfect stop for sightseeing, wine tasting, and coffee drinking.

Whether you’re craving a classic Americano or boba tea, Miles City has independent coffee shops as well as regional franchises to keep your coffee cup filled to the brim with buzzy goodness.

Got your latte ready to go? Let’s take a look at six local-approved coffee shops in Miles City, Montana!

The Top 6 Coffee Shops in Miles City, Montana

  1. The Ugly Mug
  2. City Brew Coffee
  3. The Ruby
  4. Kraving’s Coffee
  5. Unique Creations
  6. Main Street Grind

1. The Ugly Mug • 115 North 7th St

Move out of the way, Miles City coffee shops – the new kid on the block has officially arrived!

This independently-owned coffee spot offers satisfyingly warm lattes, vibrant and refreshing iced drinks, boba tea, and a whole slew of freshly baked goods and pastries. Um, hello, cinnamon buns!

Operating as a drive-thru as well as an indoor cafe, The Ugly Mug firmly believes that Mondays don’t have to suck as long as you have one of their mouth-watering drinks in your hands.

The foam art is on point, the dirty chais are perfectly balanced, and did we mention they’re the only spot in town with boba pearls!?

Our take? They’ve got one of the best caffeine games in town, and they’re our choice for a quick stop before heading to Pirogue Island State Park. Open every day except Sunday Funday!

You’ll Love It Here If: you need a moment to slow down and enjoy a caffeine boost in a cute new environment; you appreciate drink slingers who prepare your order with a smile.

2. City Brew Coffee • 719 S Haynes Ave 


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First things first: City Brew’s Blazing Prairies blend is out of this world. Just a hint of rich, dark chocolate and a smooth mouth-feel: we always pick up a bag of the good stuff on our way in and out of town.

But it’s their Caramel Macchiato and Huckleberry Green Tea we’ll gladly wait in a drive-thru line for (Don’t even get us started on those egg bites – what do they even put in them?!).

If a drive-thru isn’t your thing, they also have a cozy indoor area to relax in.

If you’re stopping by in the summer months, we recommend their Refreshers, especially the Watermelon Cucumber Mint.

Unlike The Ugly Mug, City Brew Coffee is a regional franchise, but don’t mistake this spot for a Starbuck! Their friendly and patient staff will win your sleepy eyes over in no time. Open every day from 5:30 am to 8:00 pm.

You’ll Love It Here If: you’re heading on a road trip and need The Good Stuff; you’re heading into work for the daily grind; you love coffee cup illustrations and latte art.

3. The Ruby • 308 N Custer Ave

The Ruby has it all: their own house brew, lattes, Cold Brews, their signature Bowl of Soul – even a CBD extra!

That’s exactly why we love this cute little coffee hut: they’ve got a hard-working staff that excels in variety and customer service.

But also – their smoothie menu is super on point. It’ll be hard to choose, so we’ll give you a quick rundown: the Chocolate Peanut Butter Love and Orange Greensicle are our favorites (They go great with an Everything bagel!).

Their Spicy Ginger Snap tea is a caffeine-free delight that’ll warm your insides on a snowy day, but all of their teas will work overtime to clear your head and mind.

The Ruby baristas really sparkle when it comes to menu alternatives – from catering to your allergies to dairy-free options to sugar-free options.

Dare we say this small but mighty hut is edging its way to the front of the pack for us? They’ve got bean juice, smoothies, smiles, cute outdoor seating – what’s not to love?

The Ruby is open every day but Sunday.

You’ll Love It Here If: you could slurp fresh smoothies all day, every day; you have a positive attitude to match the baristas’ attitudes.

4. Kraving’s Coffee • 2705 Main St

kraving’s coffee

Another spot with great smoothies and real ingredients – you certainly won’t need to hit up a fast-food chain in this town (Although hey, no judgment!).

Kraving’s Coffee is another adorable coffee hut that excels in weekly specials, ice cream floats, Italian sodas, and – of course – coffee that’s guaranteed to keep your eyes wide open.

Need a suggestion? We actually really love their Frappes on a summer day before heading over to Pine Hills Park. They make our picnics taste even better, but it might also have to do with their affordable prices!

Some good news for those snowed-in, lazy days: Kraving’s Coffee delivers within Miles City city limits. Score!

A small heads up, their hours change depending on the season, so be sure to check their website for up-to-date hours.

You’ll Love It Here If: you need a pick-me-up before picking out produce at the farmers market; supporting local makes you buzzzzzzzz.

5. Unique Creations • 3010 Stower St, Suite B


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Wait, a coffee shop and a boutique shop?

Sign us up!

Sure, they make budget-friendly custom gift baskets and offer local artisan candles, lotions, and huckleberry jams, but we came here for the coffee.

Their pumpkin spice latte is the best in town (sorry, The Ugly Mug!), and their espresso is stroooooong – the kind of strong that may get you in a gift-buying frenzy. Now it all makes sense!

Be sure to ask their friendly staff for coffee and gift recommendations, because they came to work ready!

It’d be a real shame if you accidentally passed by this spot – it’s pretty small – but once you walk in, you’ll feel right at home. See you in line!

Open 6:30 am to 8:00 pm daily except Sunday.

You’ll Love It Here If: you’re searching for an, ahem, unique souvenir; you’re dying to pour local huckleberry syrup into your latte – don’t worry, we won’t tell!

6. Main Street Grind • 713 Main St

main street grind

Warning: you may walk in the door to the aromas of freshly baked bread and brewing coffee. Isn’t that reason enough to stop by?

We’re huge fans of this spot’s blueberry cinnamon coffee cake to go along with their feverishly strong espresso.

Main Street Grind really knows who they are within the Miles City ecosystem: they can dish out the breakfast sandwiches (with hash browns!) and coffee, but they’ve got the whole family covered with chowders, Adult Grilled Cheeses, and insanely delicious chocolate chip cookies.

Sometimes you don’t want coffee on an empty stomach, and this local bakery really delivers the goods. Truly – they’ve got it all figured out, flavorful scones included. Leave the grinding to them and let yourself be surprised.

You’ll Love It Here If: the smell of freshly baked bread turns you from a zombie into the Heart Eyes emoji; you like your coffee at the highest voltages possible.

Coffee Shops in Miles City – Final Thoughts

We love that Miles City has so many opportunities to get your drink on – from smoothies to boba tea to Caramel Macchiatos to straight espresso. Yum!

We have an affinity for sipping on dirty chais from The Ugly Mug at the Miles City Bluegrass Festival, but with so many available options, you can’t go wrong in this Old Western heritage town.

Happy hydrating!

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