The 8 Best Mexican Restaurants in Kalispell

Rebecca Hanlon
Last Updated: March 4th, 2023

Life without Mexican food is no life at all.

Let’s be honest, who can resist a bowl of creamy, decadent queso with some crispy nacho chips? As a matter of fact, the entire Mexican cuisine is a work of culinary art. 

Mexican food encapsulates every single flavor profile that appeals to the palate – a bit of heat, earthiness from cumin, herbaceous freshness from oregano, and lots of tartness! And, it is way more than just tacos. Think quesadillas, tamales, migas, pambazos, alambres, and much more! 

Even if you aren’t big on spice or bold flavors, it’s time to change your perception. With Mexican food. 
So, on that note, here is our roundup of the 8 best Mexican restaurants in Kalispell that are sure to change your mind!

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Travel Tips for Eating in Kalispell

travel tips for eating in kalispell

Kalispell boasts of quite a few farm-to-table favorites and it is also a preferred road trip destination. To cut a long story short, it is a food lover’s delight, thanks to its amazing local produce and cuisine.

Here are a few facts you must know before eating here. 

  1. Kalispell experiences hot summers and extremely cold winters. Therefore the best time to visit the place is between mid-June to early September
  2. Once there, gorge on the local favorites. Indulge in cream-on-top milk from the famous Kalispell Kreamery, thick and fresh Greek yogurt, and ice creams. 
  3. Meat lovers can take their pick from elk, bison, beef, lamb, and pork – all reared locally on farms. The bison and elk are musts. 
  4. Do plan a visit to the local farmer’s market and taste the local berries – flathead cherries and huckleberries. 
  5. Try out the ales and lagers from the local craft breweries. They offer a huge selection of over 40 different alcoholic beverages and brews. 
  6. Whenever you eat or drink at a local jaunt, do leave a 20-25% gratuity as a tip for your server. That’s the norm! Not just Kalispell, all of Montana takes tipping quite seriously. 
  7. Kalispell is also big on sustainable travel. So, no matter where you eat, remember not to litter the space.

The 8 Best Restaurants in Kalispell

1. Casa Mexico

casa mexico
Image: Casa Mexico

Address: 1600 Hwy 93 S, Kalispell, MT 59901 • ($$ – $$$)

Looking for some Mexican food to keep you company for Taco Tuesday? You can never go wrong with Casa Mexico! Known for their amazingly authentic cuisine and their widespread menu, everything that leaves their kitchen is prepared from scratch with an exceptional Mexican flair.

Render your dining experience complete with a wide variety of beers, wines, and margaritas to complement your meal! Whether you’re out with family or friends, you’re guaranteed a good time! A truly authentic representation of Mexico on a platter, celebrate every day with a hint of spice at Casa Mexico. 

Recommended: Flautas and Cadillac Margarita

2. Jalisco Cantina

jalisco cantina
Image: Jalisco Cantina

Address: 510 Wisconsin Ave Whitefish, MT 59937 • ($$ – $$$)

An upgraded modern interior embodying the ever-young spirit of Mexico, everything at Jalisco Cantina is a feast to the eyes. From the ambiance to the service and of course, their mouth-watering meals, they’ve got it all! If you’re looking for a place to host a family-style dinner, Jalisco Cantina’s supersized portions and great value for money prices make it one of your best options in Kalispell. 

Highlighting traditional Mexican ingredients and techniques passed down from generations through their menu, this eatery lets you hang back with a margarita or two. Making fine dining accessible, this restaurant has been making waves ever since its establishment in 2020. 

Recommended: Chicken Molè and Pineapple Spiced Mule

3. Food For The Soul

food for the soul
Image: Food For The Soul

Address: 1011 US Hwy 2 W Kalispell, MT 59901 • ($)

Sure, Mexican food can be quite indulgent and decadent. But Food for the Soul’s healthy take on the classics makes it the place to be day in and day out! With keto and gluten-free options to choose from, you can keep the orders coming. From their handmade tortillas to their sauces and condiments too, their menu is equal parts healthy and scrumptious. 

Owing to its almost sneaky location in the Flathead Valley, this restaurant is a secret waiting to be unraveled. No matter if you choose to gorge upon their tacos, soups, or bowls, every single item on their menu hits the spot every single time! 

Recommended: Keto Tacos

4. The House of S&M

Address: 71st Ave E Ste 2 Kalispell, MT 59901 • ($ – $$)

A spirited yellow taco truck nestled between a dispensary and a brewery, the House of S&M’s indulgent food is bound to impress! Serving up fresh produce with an added kick, their portions and service is nothing short of perfect too. Ever since its establishment in 2017, this outlet has paved the way for Mexican cuisine in the valley.

Be it his sauces or his meats, Executive Chef Ironside delivers a gastronomical gala in every bite! What’s more, you can enjoy a customized and uniquely curated perfect dining experience from the comfort of your own home with their newly launched catering services. Make the most of your Friday night with the House of S&M, no reservations necessary!

Recommended: Diablo Salsa

5. Taco Del Sol

taco del sol
Image: Taco Del Sol

Address: 2445 US Hwy 93 N Kalispell, MT 59901 • ($ – $$)

If the gobsmacking food is not indicative enough of how popular this Mexican restaurant is, their ever-booked-out reservation chart will do just the trick! If you’re talking Mexican cuisine, Taco del Sol is definitely the place to be! Although their menu is quite limited, the restaurant manages to finesse its patrons with its simplicity and authenticity of flavors. 

Family-friendly too, don’t hesitate to take your kids out for a quick lunch at Taco del Sol. A fantastic location to grab a bite and feel good about your decision after, this Mexican restaurant in Kalispell MT feels incredibly homey, thanks to its prompt staff and cozy ambiance.

Recommended: Fish Burrito

6. Los Caporales

Address: 1545 MT Hwy 35 Kalispell, MT 59901 • ($ – $$)

An authentic Mexican restaurant with a full-service bar and a casino too, get a taste of the spirit of Mexico with Kalispell’s gem Los Caporales. Be it Margarita Monday or Sangria Saturday, celebrate every occasion with your loved ones at this pure Mexican haven. 

What’s more, their dog-friendly premises guarantee that nobody gets left behind! Its authentic feel and grand ambiance add to the splendid and seamless dining experience at this establishment. With generous portions to complement the generous spirit of the Mexicans, you might want to go easy on the orders as less is definitely more. 

Recommended: Steak Fajitas

7. Taco Mexican Restaurant

Address: 8270 Mt Hwy 35 Bigfork, MT 59911 • ($$)

Recreating flavors you experience at the hands of Mexican abuelas exclusively, this Kalispell restaurant’s aim is to spark a mouthfeel your taste buds will thank you for! Whether you’re in the mood for some basic burritos or decadent enchiladas too, satisfy your every urge at Taco Mexican Restaurant.

What’s more, you’ve got a free order of chips and salsa coming at you as soon as you arrive! The perfect start to an even more perfect meal, just one afternoon at this Kalispell establishment is enough to have you hooked. With a variety of items to choose from, this spot is surely going to be bumped up on your list of go-to Mexican food fixes.

Recommended: Chili Rellenos

8. La Casita

Address: 12000 US Hwy 2 E West Glacier, MT 59936 • ($$)

Tired after a day trip to Glacier National Park? Refuel your system and kick things up a notch with La Casita’s spicy hot treats! Their fresh salsas and homemade tortilla wraps are a treat to the senses. Their moist, marinated, and slow-roasted meats are simply the beginning of a world of mouth-watering decadence. 

A meal to be savored with every bite, you’ve not tasted true Mexican food until you’ve visited La Casita. With decent pricing, cozy interiors, and extremely prompt service, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t plan a trip to the Glaciers right away!

Recommended: Burrito Bowls

You Can’t Live Life On An Empty Stomach

plate with taco

When it comes to restaurants serving Mexican food, you’ve got a world of culinary delights waiting to be discovered in Kalispell.

Contrary to popular belief, Mexican cuisine goes way beyond just the quintessential tacos and nachos. With complex variations on the classics within every village in Mexico, there’s no way you could capture the essence of this culturally rich country in a few staple popular dishes. 

Food brings people together. It not only enhances cultural diversity but also brings about an awareness and appreciation for the smaller things in life. Step out of your comfort zone and live a little!

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