The Best Huckleberry Pie in Montana – 7 Bakeries You Need to Visit

Rebecca Hanlon
Last Updated: March 4th, 2023

Nothing feels more like Montana than a warm slice of Huckleberry Pie. The iconic desert has become a staple in Big Sky Country with many locations you can go to experience the best huckleberry pies in Montana.

It’s a specialty only available in North America, where wild huckleberries are harvested from the select mountainous regions they are native to. The sweet, blueberry-like berries are perfect for pies and other various baked goods.

Where to Find the Best Huckleberry Pies in Montana

  1. The Huckleberry Patch
  2. Loula’s Café
  3. Two Sisters Café
  4. Looking Glass Restaurant
  5. Lake Baked
  6. Rock ‘N’ Roll Bakery
  7. Glacier Highland

1. The Huckleberry Patch • Hungry Horse • $$-$$$


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A paradise for all things huckleberry-related, the Huckleberry Patch is a lovely little shop only a few miles away from the Glacier National Park’s West entrance.

It’s become a staple on itineraries for people traveling through the region: if you’re nearby, you absolutely have to try the huckleberry pie here. Packed to the brim with hand-picked huckleberries and encased in a buttery pastry made entirely from scratch, the pie is a real treat; one sure to impress even the most discerning huckleberry connoisseur.

The shop has a vast array of other huckleberry gifts to take away with you. You can even grab a jar of huckleberry filling and try to replicate the pie at home! The Huckleberry Patch is also unusual in that it offers an online store. You can get a whole huckleberry pie shipped out-of-state to satiate those cravings from afar.

2. Loula’s Cafe • Whitefish • $$-$$$


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Loula’s huckleberry pie is delicious, bursting with flavor, and baked to perfection. The pies are of course homemade and made with enough love and care to feel as though they could be fresh out of the oven at your grandma’s house.

While the traditional huckleberry pie at Loula’s is exceptional, what really sets the cafe apart is the five other varieties of huckleberry pie on offer. Besides the original, there’s Huckleberry-Peach, Huckleberry-Raspberry, Huckleberry-Blackberry, Huckleberry-Cherry, and a mixed berry pie.

They all have a buttery, flaky crust and a generous amount of filling. You can either eat a warm slice – with a side of ice cream – sitting in the cafe or order a whole pie to take home the next day. The Huckleberry-Peach pie is a crowd favorite!

3. Two Sisters Café • Babb • $$


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Opened in 1993 by sisters Beth and Susan Higgins, the Two Sisters Café has been serving customers for over 25 years. They’ve had plenty of time to perfect their huckleberry pie recipe and – with the help of chef Beth’s formal culinary training – have managed to create a contender as one of the tastiest huckleberry pies in Montana.

After a long hike through the nearby Glacier National Park, there’s no better way to rejuvenate than a slice of the Two Sisters’ huckleberry pie. It’s hard to beat the sweet, tart berries combined with a crisp and flaky crust – even with the generous portions, you won’t want to share a bite.

The cafe, which is found on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation just outside of the Glacier National Park, is only open seasonally: from June until late September.

4. Looking Glass Restaurant • East Glacier Park • $-$$

Another seasonal contender, the Looking Glass Restaurant, formerly known as Luna’s, is situated in East Glacier Park. It’s a gateway to the Glacier National Park and is usually filled with adventurers.

The huckleberry pie here is a little outside of the norm. Instead of the typical flaky pastry, you would expect in a traditional pie, the Looking Glass Restaurant’s variety uses a graham cracker for the crust, while the huckleberry filling sits on top of a thin layer of cream cheese.

Though slightly out of the ordinary, it’s hard to deny this huckleberry pie is anything short of delicious. Sometimes thinking outside the box a little has fantastic results – this is one of the best huckleberry pies in Montana, and well worth making the trip.

5. Lake Baked • Bigfork • $$-$$$


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This small family-run bakery is in the pretty town of Bigfork. This might be the most picturesque location on this list – the bakery sits just off the storybook street of Electric Avenue, overlooking the Swan River.

But ignore the scenery, Lake Baked is worth a visit on the merits of its pies alone. The mother-daughter duo of Jana & Sadie Lou Felt – both local to Bigfork – combined their home baking and culinary class skills to create Lake Baked.

Their passion for baking shines through in their products. The huckleberry pie is phenomenal, with the pastry crust a particular highlight. You can either order a whole pie or buy a slice in the bakery – if you want something even smaller, the huckleberry rolls are really something special.

Another excellent shout-out in Bigfork is the Grateful Bread Cafe & Bakery – they sell yet another famous huckleberry pie. You’re really spoiled for choice in this corner of Montana!

6. Rock ‘N Roll Bakery • East Glacier Park • $$


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The smell of freshly baked pies wafts continuously from the Rock ‘N Roll Bakery in East Glacier Park. It’s the mouth-watering result of pies being baked from scratch daily – they make a number of different pies here, but the huckleberry pie is the most popular.

And for good reason. The all-butter double-crust pastry offsets the sweet tangy flavor of the huckleberries wonderfully. The homemade pies are the epitome of freshness – they use fresh berries to bake a pie in the morning that they then sell the same day.

This huckleberry pie is just so delicious. Like many of the others on this list, it was nominated for the best huckleberry pie in Montana – and was voted into the top 10 by USA Today.

The Rock ‘N Roll Bakery is open seasonally, but many of their baked treats can be found at the trading company down the road year-round.

7. Glacier Highland • West Glacier • $$


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For the sweetest berries and the flakiest of crusts, head to this unassuming family-style restaurant in West Glacier.

The restaurant offers simple traditional American fare, which is on the whole adequate but nothing truly special. But the huckleberry pie here is outstanding. The perfect buttery crust, berries recently foraged from their high-altitude homes – all combined in the ideal pastry to filling ratio.

If you only have one slice of huckleberry pie in all of Montana, you won’t regret trying it at the Glacier Highland. The pie ranked first place on a vote for the best huckleberry pie in Montana – winning against some stiff competition.

Glacier Highland is, like many restaurants and cafes around the Glacier National Park, only open seasonally. The restaurant closes in October and reopens in May – in line with the reopening of the roads in the National Park.

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