Madison River, Montana

madison river

As a tributary of the larger Missouri River, the Madison River rises in the northwestern corner of famous Yellowstone National Park at the confluence of the Firehole and Gibbon Rivers …

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Rocky Mountain Museum, Missoula

rocky mountain museum

Looking for a museum that will please the military buff and the intrepid traveler alike? We’ve got the perfect spot for you! Situated right off of the Bitterroot River, the …

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Bozeman Art Museum, Montana

bozeman art museum, montana

The only fine arts museum in Bozeman, the Bozeman Art Museum thrives on bringing history, culture, and education to life in the arts where “people of all ages can come …

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The Bozeman Trail, Montana

the bozeman trail, montana

The Bozeman Trail has played a key role in the early history of both Montana and Wyoming.  Some of the events that occurred while this 500-mile-long trail was in its …

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Museum of the Rockies, Bozeman, Montana

museum of the rockies, bozeman

Montana’s independent non-profit institution the Museum of the Rockies (MOR) is located in Bozeman, and it also functions as a college-level division of the Montana State University. On top of …

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Historical Museum at Fort Missoula, Montana

fort missoula, montana

History buffs will enjoy a visit to the historic Fort Missoula, originally an army outpost established in 1877. The rich history of Fort Missoula is gripping, exploring the tension between …

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Splash Montana, Missoula

splash montana, missoula

Ready to cool down on your hot weather vacation in Montana? Check out Splash Montana, an outdoor waterpark open from June to August, located in Playfair Park in Missoula, Montana. …

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ZooMontana, Billings, Montana

zoomontana, billings

Combining the beauty of botanic gardens with the wildlife vibe of a zoo, ZooMontana is the perfect choice for an outdoor adventure for the family while visiting Billings, Montana. Catch …

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Western Heritage Center, Billings, Montana

western heritage center, billings

Housed in a Richardsonian Romanesque building now on the National Register of Historic Places, the ever-active, always intriguing Western Heritage Center of Billings, Montana welcomes you. Experience the exhibits, museum …

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What is the Montana State Fish?

what is the montana state fish

The Blackspotted Cutthroat Trout (Oncorhynchus clarki) was announced as the Montana state fish by the State Legislature in 1977. While designated as a singular state fish, the Blackspotted Cutthroat Trout is …

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What is the Montana State Motto?

what is the montana state motto

The Montana State Motto is “Oro y Plata,” which is Spanish for “Gold and Silver.” Established when the Montana Gold Rush was in full bloom, the Montana State Motto pays …

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What is the Montana State Tree?

what is the montana state tree

The Ponderosa Pine (Pinus Ponderosa) has served as the Montana State tree since it was officially recognized as a state symbol in 1949. Although it has only served as the …

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What is the Montana State Flower?

what is the montana state flower

Established in 1895, Bitterroot is the official Montana State Flower. The state was one of many to adopt a state flower after the Women’s Congress of the Chicago World’s Fair …

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What is the Montana State Song?

what is the montana state song

Written by Charles Cohan and composed by Joseph E. Howard, “Montana” was officially declared the Montana State Song on February 20, 1945. Despite its induction date, “Montana” served as the …

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What is the Montana State Grass?

what is the montana state grass

Established in the forty-third state legislature, Bluebunch Wheatgrass has served as the Montana State Grass since 1973. Montana’s state grass (Bluebunch Wheatgrass)is scientifically known as Pseudoroegneria Spicata, this perennial grass …

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Airports Near Miles City, Montana

airports near miles city

Miles City is an authentic western town featuring vast pastures and plains with grazing livestock. Peruse the shops on Main Street, hike lush state parks, and spend time at the …

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Airports Near Anaconda, Montana

airports near anaconda, montana

This Southwest Montana city lies in the valley surrounded by Deer Lodge National Forest, at the foot of the Anaconda Range. This urban Montana town is a few miles north …

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The 6 Best Restaurants in Deer Lodge, Montana

best restaurants in deer lodge

Almost all tour itineraries biasedly, and rightly so, focus on the historical sites and the much-talked-about Montana Prison. They forget to mention the best restaurants in Deer Lodge, whose glamor …

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The 5 Best Hotels In Lockwood, Montana

best hotels in lockwood

Lockwood is a small town in Montana near popular tourist attractions such as Pompeys Pillar and Pictograph Cave State Park. It’s also roughly about three hours from Yellowstone National Park. …

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Best Time to Visit Lockwood, Montana

best time to visit lockwood

Within Yellowstone County is Lockwood, Montana. This small place offers visitors a small retreat from the more crowded town nearby Billings. This town is a hub for outdoor activities, being …

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Best Time to Visit Miles City, Montana

best time to visit miles city

Miles City in Montana is a small but growing city with western charm and lively culture. Near the Yellowstone and Tongue rivers, the city transports visitors to the wild west …

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Where To Stay in Whitefish, Montana

where to stay in whitefish

Nestled in the Flathead Valley, just a short drive from Glacier National Park, and sitting on the shores of Whitefish Lake, Whitefish Montana is the quintessential Montana town. Beautiful views, …

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Airports Near Havre, Montana

airports near havre, montana

Havre is a small railroad town with rolling plains and mountain peaks. Visit its many cultural attractions and outdoor recreational areas. Browse a local gallery, hike a mountain trail, fish …

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Best Time to Visit Havre, Montana

Best Time to Visit Havre

The county seat of Hill County, Montana, and supposedly named after the city of Le Havre in France, Havre is a small town gem offering an exciting rural retreat near …

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Best Time to Visit Deer Lodge, Montana

best time to visit deer lodge

If there is a city that beautifully combines modern metropolis with a timeless sensibility and rustic touch, it must be Deer Lodge, Montana. Add the traditional Western flair and pleasant …

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Coolidge Ghost Town, Montana

coolidge ghost town

Devoid of people today, Coolidge ghost town was once a vibrant town full of silver deposits. Plenty of derelict buildings now mirrors how far Montana’s largest silver development site has …

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The 7 Best Bars In Belgrade, Montana

best bars in belgrade

Just to the northwest of Bozeman in Gallatin County, Belgrade is one of Montana’s most up-and-coming cities. A quiet town tucked away in the heart of the Gallatin Valley, Belgrade …

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The 8 Best Bars In Miles City, Montana

best bars in miles city

Once the country’s top horse-trading and livestock destination, Miles City is a living relic of the Old West. The town is the seat of Custer County in eastern Montana, where …

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What is the Montana State Gemstone?

what is the montana state gemstone

In 1969 local legislature declared both the Sapphire and the Montana Moss Agate as the Montana State Gemstone. However, the value of these local jewels wasn’t always recognized, especially during …

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Sapphire Mines in Montana, A Complete Guide

sapphire mines in montana

Montana is home to North America’s only commercially mined sapphire industry. Millions of carats of Montana Sapphires have been produced, and at least a million cut stones have entered the …

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Airports Near Kalispell, Montana

airports near kalispell

In Northwest Montana lies Kalispell, the gateway to Glacier National Park. Kalispell is the perfect destination for those who appreciate the great outdoors and local history. Explore the vast wilderness …

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Airports Near Helena, Montana

airports near helena

Helena, the queen city of the Rockies, is Montana’s capital. Established as a gold camp in the 1800s, Helena is nestled among majestic mountains and crystal clear lakes. The area …

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Yellowstone Art Museum, Montana

yellowstone art museum

The Yellowstone Art Museum is housed in the former County jail, a heritage building. The museum dedicates itself to exhibiting contemporary and historical works from Montana and Midwest artists. The …

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Airports Near Butte, Montana

airports near butte

Are you planning a trip and looking for airports near Butte, Montana? Check out the five closest airports to your destination! Planning and Resources for Your Visit to Butte Best …

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Airports Near Whitefish, Montana

airports near whitefish

Are you looking for airports near Whitefish? Check out the 6 closest airports to Whitefish, Montana! Planning and Resources for Your Visit to Whitefish Best time to visit: late spring …

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Beaverhead County Museum

beaverhead county museum

Beaverhead County is located in Montana’s southwestern region. The Continental Divide helps form a large proportion of the boundary of what is the state’s largest county–and most of the terrain …

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Logan Pass, Glacier National Park

logan pass a guide

Logan Pass is located in Glacier National Park in northwestern Montana. Sitting at 6,646 feet above sea level, this section of the national park was traditionally considered one of the …

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The Beaverhead River, Montana

the beaverhead river a guide

The Beaverhead River in Montana starts out at Clark Canyon Dam, near Dillon, Montana, and flows for 80 miles to its eventual confluence. From the dam to Three Forks, where …

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Ice Skating in Montana

ice skating in montana

Montana is home to majestic mountains, picturesque valleys, crystal clear lakes, and endless blue sky. It is also the perfect destination for winter fun and entertaining outdoor activities. Montana natives …

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Lochsa River, Montana

lochsa river, montana

The Lochsa River (pronounced ‘Lock-Saw’) starts out its journey up in the Bitterroot Mountains in Idaho, near the Powell Ranger Station and deep in the wilderness of the Clearwater National …

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Where To Stay In Lockwood, Montana

where to stay in lockwood

A flourishing suburb of Billings in Yellowstone County, South Central Montana, Lockwood straddles the Yellowstone River. It is found on the east side of the city and is one of …

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Where To Stay In Deer Lodge, Montana

where to stay in deer lodge

Deer Lodge, Montana is a blend of modern and the past, providing unmatched beauty and fun in all seasons. But where to stay in Deer Lodge? To help you along …

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Big Hole National Battlefield

big hole national battlefield

The Big Hole National Battlefield was the location for the bloodiest conflict in the Nez Perce War. A two-day battle was fought on the land in August 1877, and an …

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The 4 Best Bars In Deer Lodge, Montana

best bars in deer lodge montana

The county seat of Powell County, Montana, Deer Lodge is nestled in a tranquil valley beside striking mountain ranges. A popular tourist destination and historic town, Deer Lodge receives countless …

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The 9 Best Bars In Anaconda, Montana

best bars in anaconda montana

Situated in Deer Lodge County, southwestern Montana, Anaconda is nestled in a valley at the base of the Anaconda Range, within eight miles of the Continental Divide. A town where …

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The 12 Best Bars In Havre, Montana

best bars in havre

A rural agricultural community in Hill County, North Central Montana, Havre is a small city straddling the Milk River. Located on Highway 2 and only three hours away from Glacier …

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The 10 Best Spas in Montana

best spas in montana

Are you thinking about planning a relaxing retreat? Try out a luxury Montana spa! Montana’s lush mountain scenery is the perfect backdrop for a pampered afternoon. Spend your days soaking …

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The 5 Best Coffee Shops in Lockwood, Montana

best coffee shops in lockwood

More than any other community in Montana, Lockwood is experiencing exponential growth and buzz. Just don’t call it an eastern suburb of Billings: Lockwood is its own nexus for outdoor …

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Nevada City Ghost Town, Montana

nevada city ghost town

Nevada City Ghost Town is a picturesque town in southwestern Montana that signifies the legendary Gold Rush era. The town is situated one and a half miles on the western …

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The 8 Best Corn Mazes in Montana

corn mazes in montana

Fall is a magical time of year. The leaves are changing, there’s a chill in the air, and fun family events are popping up everywhere. If you’re in Montana this …

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Flathead Indian Reservation

flathead indian reservation

The Flathead Indian Reservation is home to Confederated Salish and Kootenai. The Confederation is federally recognized and comprises three tribes, the Bitterroot Salish, Kootenai, and Pend d’Oreilles communities. It offers …

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The 4 Best Coffee Shops in Anaconda, Montana

best coffee shops in anaconda

Nestled between the colossal Pintlers and the Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest, Anaconda is surrounded by nature in every direction – offering summertime lake swims, deep forests, nearby state parks, and mountainous …

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The 10 Best Hotels in Whitefish, Montana

best hotels in whitefish

Whitefish is one of the most popular mountain towns in Montana. Home to Whitefish Mountain Ski Resort, and beautiful Whitefish Lake, this quaint town offers plenty of activities all year …

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The Continental Divide – A Complete Guide

the continental divide a guide

This stretch of the Continental Divide that runs through Montana adding its distinctive touch to the landscape is part of a greater hemispheric divide running all the way from northern …

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The 4 Best Coffee Shops in Deer Lodge, Montana

best coffee shops in deer lodge

Surrounded by the Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest and miles of untamed wild country, Deer Lodge is an ideal location for outdoor recreational activities. From fly fishing to white water rafting to …

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The Gallatin River – A Complete Guide

The Gallatin River emerges at Gallatin Lake up in Yellowstone Park’s Gallatin Range, and from this point to its confluence with the Missouri River at Three Forks it flows more …

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Granite Ghost Town, Montana

granite ghost town

Granite Ghost Town is now a State Park, but its ruin provides a stark reminder of what quickly comes, quickly goes. The golden days of this town were short-lived as …

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The Yellowstone River: A Complete Guide

the yellowstone river a guide

The Yellowstone River in Montana begins its journey through the state in the Absaroka Mountain Range where it enters Yellowstone National Park and starts to wind its way through the …

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Where To Stay In Miles City, Montana

where to stay in miles city

The history of Miles City, Montana is engrained in the history of the region, making it a popular destination for those wanting to experience the charms of Big Sky Country …

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The 7 Best Live Music Venues in Bozeman

best live music venues in bozeman

After a day of skiing, hiking, and fishing in Bozeman, it’s time to relax. Luckily for Bozmanites and visitors alike, there are quite a few music venues to unwind and …

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Virginia City Ghost Town, Montana

virginia city ghost town

Perched in Alder Gulch, Virginia City is a living ghost town frozen in time. True to its motto, the town has been resisting change since 1863. With a guesstimated mineral …

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Garnet Ghost Town, Montana

garnet ghost town

Step back in history by taking a stroll at Garnet Ghost Town. Tucked away in the Montana Mountains, Garnet offers a stark reminder of the west’s gold rush. Abandoned in …

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Kendall Ghost Town, Montana

kendall ghost town

In the North Moccasin Mountains lies a forgotten piece of Montana history, Kendall. This scenic ghost town offers a sneak peek into Montana’s glorious mining days. Kendall owes its existence …

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Where To Stay In Belgrade, Montana

where to stay in belgrade

A bedroom community to the much larger Bozeman, Montana, Belgrade is a popular destination due to its proximity to Yellowstone National Park and the large city. As such, many people …

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Where To Stay In Anaconda, Montana

Where to Stay in Anaconda

From exploring the nearby wilderness to enjoying thrilling snow sports to discovering captivating details about the local well-preserved history, there are endless things to do in Anaconda, Montana.  To help …

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Where To Stay In Havre, Montana

Havre, Montana is one of the biggest cities in Central Montana, it also boasts some of the most unique attractions in all of Big Sky Country. Combine this with the …

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The 5 Best Coffee Shops in Havre, Montana

best coffee shops in havre

While Havre, Montana has been nicknamed the crown jewel of the Hi-Line Railroad, its sparkle and luster comes from a tight-knit community of adventurers and small town eccentrics. Tucked in …

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The Best 10 Coffee Shops in Belgrade, Montana

best coffee shops in belgrade

Right on the edge of a small town and bigger city, Belgrade, Montana offers opportunities without losing its small mountain town Montana charm. Close to Bozeman, Custer Gallatin National Forest, …

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Best Time to Visit Belgrade, Montana

best time to visit belgrade

A small but growing town, Belgrade, Montana is a hub for outdoor activities and adventure, with plenty of places to eat and stay. About ten miles away from Bozeman, Belgrade …

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Best Time to Visit Anaconda, Montana

best time to visit anaconda

Northwest of Butte, you can find the small town of Anaconda in Montana. Historically a mining town for copper, today the town is a hub for outdoor activities and art. …

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The 7 Best Hotels in Belgrade, Montana

best hotels in belgrade montana

Founded in 1883, Belgrade has been a cornerstone of the travel industry in South Western Montana for over a century. Located between the I-90 and the Yellowstone International Airport, Belgrade, …

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The 8 Best Hotels in Miles City, Montana

best hotels in miles city

Located along the I-94 and Highway 59, Miles City, Montana is a popular stop for road trippers and history lovers looking to experience the traditional stylings of the historic wild …

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The Best Places To Stay In Whitefish, Montana

places to stay in whitefish

Whitefish, Montana is probably most well-known for its location: near Glacier National Park. The small town has that beautiful, rustic country hamlet feel mixed with a ski resort town and …

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Best Places to Eat in West Yellowstone, Montana

places to eat in west yellowstone

While you’re visiting one of America’s natural wonders, Yellowstone National Park, you’ll likely find yourself in West Yellowstone at some point. After a long day of exploring the natural beauty …

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The Best Coffee in Big Sky, Montana

best coffee in big sky

Before you head out to explore the beautiful natural wonders of Big Sky, Montana, and surrounding areas, you might need to pop into a shop and grab a cuppa joe. …

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Best Coffee In Bigfork, Montana

best coffee in bigfork

Once a small eastern farming town on the banks of one of the largest natural bodies of water, Bigfork, Montana has grown thanks to its location at the base of …

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The Missouri River – A Complete Guide

the missouri river a complete guide

Flowing from its headwaters in the Rocky Mountains of Southwestern Montana, the Missouri River is the longest river in the United States. It drifts across Montana, the Dakotas, Nebraska, Iowa, …

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Things To Do in Whitefish, Montana 

whitefish, montana

Whitefish, Montana is often referred to as the “Gateway to Glacier” due to the town being only 30 miles south of Glacier National Park. Begin so close to Glacier National …

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The 10 Best Rodeos in Montana

best rodeos in montana

Big Sky Country is known for its love of old-west culture from cowboys and music to hospitality and fashion, Montana loves to celebrate its roots.  It is no surprise that …

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Things To Do in Deer Lodge, Montana

Things to do in deer lodge montana

Deer Lodge is one of the longest inhabited areas in Montana with a rich history due to its fertile grassland that made it an ideal home for the Native Peoples. …

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The 6 Best Hotels In Deer Lodge, Montana

best hotels in deer lodge

As the seat of Powell County, Deer Lodge city is a hidden gem of South Western Montana. With fewer than 3,000 year-round residents, Deer Lodge is an important ranching community …

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When to Visit Kalispell, Montana

when to visit kalispell

Located in the northwestern part of Montana, Kalispell is a charming community surrounded by mountains, lakes, and stunning views. Located on the edge of Glacier National Park, the town has …

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The 10 Best Bars in Kalispell, Montana

best bars in kalispell

Kalispell is in the Flathead Valley in Northwest Montana, home to Glacier National Park and Flathead Lake. The area offers recreational sports and sightseeing and is the perfect route for …

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The 10 Best Hotels In Anaconda, Montana

best hotels in anaconda

Nestled in the Pintler Wilderness of the Deer Lodge National Forest, the small mile-high valley city of Anaconda is a fantastic destination for exploring South Western Montana’s mountainous landscape and …

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Best Coffee in Kalispell, Montana

best coffee in kalispell

This Northwest Montana city is the gateway to stunning national parks, clear lakes, and historic buildings. There are many reasons to visit Kalispell, but it’s also a popular spot for …

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The 8 Best Hotels in Havre, Montana

best hotels in havre

As the most populous city of Montana’s Hi-Line region, the small agricultural community of Havre is a popular destination for tourists exploring the State’s Northern Borders. Located along the transcontinental …

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