The Best Skydiving In Montana

skydiving in montana

These days a lot of skydiving enthusiasts place emphasis on obtaining the most impressive selfie angle. This is often amidst a blurred or hazy backdrop covered in clouds. However, in …

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The 8 Best Racetracks In Montana

race tracks in montana

When you consider the landscape and terrain it’s no wonder that Montana is a popular destination for all kinds of racing. Visitors will encounter, what may seem like, a high …

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A Guide to The Railroads In Montana

railroads in montana

Trains are heavily entwined in Montana’s legacy. Throughout the rich mining history of the state, a network of railroads has helped to connect different communities and link Montana to its …

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The Best Locations for Paintball In Montana

paintball in montana

Montana is renowned for being a destination rich in recreation. Along with more traditional outdoor pastimes, like hiking, skiing, or horseback riding through the prairies, Montana has also become a …

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The 6 Best Spots for Snowbiking in Montana

snowbiking in montana

Outdoors is open year-round in Montana. Regular cyclists and maybe some mountain bikers might consider snow and ice as tricky territory. But there are plenty of year-round adventurers who see …

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The Best Snow Tubing In Montana

snow tubing in montana

The magical winter scenes of Montana’s landscape, with its snow-capped mountains and endless miles of cross-country terrain, are irresistible for many outdoor-winter types. Yet the fact that places like Big …

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The Best Snowcat Skiing In Montana

snowcat skiing in montana

If the idea of deep and trackless backcountry snow sounds appealing then maybe Snowcat Skiing in Montana is just your thing. If you’ve never tried this exhilarating backcountry snow pursuit …

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The 7 Best Sleigh Rides in Montana

best sleigh rides in montana

There’s nothing like an authentic winter’s sleigh ride in Montana to get you into the holiday spirit. There are several places in the state where you can experience this magical …

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The 6 Best Places for Dog Sledding in Montana

dog sledding in montana

With freezing, snowy conditions through the winter months, Montana is the perfect destination to experience real dog sledding. This sport has a rich history in the state, and you can …

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The 6 Best Spots for Snowboarding in Montana

snowboarding in montana

Montana has the kind of winter conditions ideal for producing lots of the light powder so beloved by snowboarders. This makes for some ample and impressive opportunities for snowboarding in …

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Spiders In Montana – What You Must Know

montana spiders

Spiders are one of nature’s most mysterious and misunderstood creations. Inspiring fear in many people, all spiders play a vital role in the environment. And while there are venomous spiders, …

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The Best Places for Fossil Hunting in Montana

fossil hunting in montana

From the first tyrannosaurus rex that was unearthed in Hell Creek in 1902 to the many points along the famous Dinosaur Trail, Montana has contributed endlessly to our understanding of dinosaurs. …

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The 5 Best Ice Climbing Spots in Montana

best ice climbing spots in montana

It doesn’t take much imagination to conceive how the features of a Montana landscape could transform into a magical ice terrain come mid-winter. You won’t need to rely on imagination …

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10 Best Yellowstone Resorts

yellowstone resorts

Established in 1872, Yellowstone National Park was the first inductee into America’s National Park System. And while there have been 422 other national park sites appointed within the country over …

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The 12 Best Yellowstone RV Campgrounds

best yellowstone rv campgrounds

Sprawling its way across three states, Yellowstone National Park was the first of its kind to receive national preservation status in 1872 and set the precedent for the entire National …

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The History of the Great Montana Fires

history of the great montana fires

Montana is no stranger to wildfire. Many of the greatest natural attractions of the state, and even some of the cities, have been touched by flame throughout its history, sometimes …

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The 10 Best Day Trips from Missoula

trips from missoula

Lodged in the Lolo National Forest in Western Montana, Missoula is a destination of many natural wonders and is popular among tourists for its environmental attractions and historical landmarks. While …

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The 12 Best Day Trips from Bozeman

trips from bozeman

Nestled in the Rocky Mountains in southern Montana, Bozeman is a destination that promises outdoor adventure and myriad outdoor splendors. Founded as a supply hub servicing the historic mining towns …

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The 5 Best Ghost Tours in Montana

best ghost tours montana

As a state riddled with abandoned mining communities and a historic homesteading culture, Montana is filled with mysterious landmarks and haunting tales. And while Montana may be world-renowned for its …

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The Best Horseback Riding in Yellowstone

horseback riding in yellowstone

Horseback riding in Montana is considered by many as the only authentic way to take in the local scenery. Better yet, imagine horseback riding in Yellowstone National Park and its …

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The Best Horseback Riding in Great Falls

horseback riding in great falls

Great Falls is a community like many others in Montana in that it oozes history and tradition. At the same time, it is surrounded by impressive recreational backdrops. In fact, …

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12 Hot Springs Near Missoula, MT

hot springs near missoula

Montana is iconic for its outstanding and diverse natural landscape. Here, you’ll find soaring alpine mountains, grassy valleys, dramatic Badlands, and even hot springs. There are several hot springs to …

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The 11 Best Pet Friendly Hotels in Missoula, MT

pet friendly hotels missoula

Montana’s second-largest city, Missoula, lies in the state’s west. A stone’s throw from the Bitterroot Mountains, the city boasts a trendy downtown area where travelers can immerse themselves in the …

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The Best Horseback Riding in Ennis, Montana

horseback riding in ennis mt

The small town of Ennis in southwestern Madison County is one of those places in Montana synonymous with horseback riding. This is evident from many of the signs around the …

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Horseback Riding in Butte, Montana

horseback riding in butte mt

Nestled in the Rocky Mountains of central Montana, Butte occupies one of the most unique landscapes in the state and combines lush viridescent greenery with the rugged allure of the …

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The Best Horseback Riding in Missoula, Montana

horseback riding in missoula mt

The seat of Missoula County, Missoula is surrounded by pristine natural environments, lush forests, and towering mountain chains making it the destination of unparalleled outdoor wonders and adventures. With hundreds …

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The Best Horseback Riding in Billings, Montana

horseback riding in billings mt

Surrounded by lush landscapes, roaring rivers, and breathtaking mountains, Billings is one of the premier spots in Montana for partaking in numerous outdoor adventures. From rafting the nearby Yellowstone River …

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The Best Horseback Riding in Red Lodge, Montana

horseback riding red lodge

Taking in the surrounding wilderness scenarios of Montana’s Red Lodge from horseback can add deep shades of the authentic west to any visit. The seemingly endless miles of expansive-looking mountains, …

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The Best Horseback Riding in Gardiner, Montana

horseback riding in gardiner

Occupying a small corner of Park County near the Montana-Wyoming border, Gardiner offers one of the most unhindered experiences and serves as a gateway into the natural wonderment of Montana’s …

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The Best Horseback Riding in Bozeman, Montana

horseback riding in bozeman

Located in the Rocky Mountains of southwest Montana, Bozeman is a cultural hub and hot spot for visitors exploring the region’s natural wonders. And while the community offers several opportunities …

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A Guide to the 2023 Spartan Race Montana

spartan race montana

With over 30 countries participating worldwide, the Spartan Race is the perfect outdoor challenge for runners, obstacle course lovers, and thrill-seekers alike. Perhaps one of the best locations to host …

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Big Sky Golf, Montana

big sky golf

Known for its breathtaking landscapes, mountainous terrains, and open spanning fields of green grass, Big Sky serves as an epicenter of outdoor fun in Montana. As such, it is only …

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The Best Horseback Riding in Helena

Horseback Riding in Helena

As so many towns in Montana are surrounded by endless miles of backcountry single-track heading up into the mountains, it would be something of a shame if the state’s capitol …

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Trout Creek, Montana


Nestled along the Noxon Reservoir near Montana’s northeastern border with Idaho, Trout Creek is a small town in Sanders County famous for its abundant huckleberry groves. Deemed “the Huckleberry Capital …

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Yellowstone Big Gun Fun: A Guide

yellowstone big gun fun

Yellowstone National Park is a renowned world-class destination, but there are also a good few interesting things to do just outside the Western Entrance. Visitors might well be geared-up for …

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McGinnis Meadows Cattle & Guest Ranch, Libby

mcginnis meadows cattle & guest ranch

McGinnis Meadows Cattle & Guest Ranch is located in Northwest Montana’s picturesque town of Libby. This authentic working cattle ranch is set in a wide-open meadow at elevations of more …

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9 Invasive Species in Montana

invasive species in montana

Montana has one of the most beautiful and abundant natural environments in the United States and is home to thousands of species of plants, animals, and aquatic life. However, among …

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A Carousel for Missoula, Montana

a carousel for missoula

A Carousel for Missoula is a unique carousel in Missoula featuring hand-carved figures. The carousel is located in Missoula’s downtown Caras Park on the Clark Fork River, and it came …

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Great Falls Farmers Market – A Guide

great falls farmers market

The Great Falls Farmers Market has become more and more well-known and popular since it first began more than 40 years ago. The market is organized and managed by a …

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