Benchmark Airport, Montana

In operation since 1965, the Benchmark Airport near Augusta, Montana has been attracting small craft -pilots for decades.

The 145-acre airport is owned by the US Forest Service and managed by Jay Lindgren. The backcountry airstrip has an associated campground (Fly-In Campground) in the nearby forest – a part of the Bob Marshall and Scapegoat Wilderness areas.

The airport is a celebrated part of backcountry exploration – making them more possible thanks to the remote landing strips near the adventure without the need for commercial airlines.

Benchmark Airport Info

benchmark airport

Covering 145 acres of land, the Benchmark Airport is approximately 19 nautical miles west of Augusta, Montana. The landing strip appears to only be accessible by small aircraft.

FAQs about Benchmark Airport


The Benchmark Airport near Augusta (and Helena) Montana is a small, public, backcountry airport, meaning it is exclusively used by small, private aircraft.

Flight Destinations from Benchmark Airport

Because the Benchmark Airport is a backcountry airport, there are not set destination options from the airport.

Which airlines fly out of Benchmark Airport?

No commercial airlines fly out of Benchmark Airport.

Is there a hotel at or near Benchmark Airport?

There are campgrounds near the airport, specifically the Fly-In Campground, the Wood Lake Campground situated in the Lewis and Clark National Forest, and the Benchmark Campground, located approximately 30 miles from Augusta.

Benchmark Airport Parking Options

There is limited or no parking at the Benchmark Airport, due to the site being a fly-in situation.

Does Benchmark Airport offer car rentals?

There are no car rentals available at the Benchmark Airport.

Is there a shuttle from Benchmark Airport?

There are no shuttles from the Benchmark Airport.

What kind of runway is there?

The Benchmark Airport runway is paved and remains in good shape, despite being used subjectively infrequently.

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