Augusta Airport, Montana

Located in Augusta, Montana, the August Airport (AirNav: 3U5) serves the Lewis and Clark County area.

The small airport offers parking facilities, hangars, terminals, maintenance facilities, control towers, and access to nearby retail and dining services, hotels, local transport, and rental cars.

The airport is the second most popular airport in Lewis and Clark County, 84th most popular in the state, and 5,199nd most popular in the country.

Augusta Airport Info

augusta airport info

The 41-acre airport is located 2 nautical miles southeast of Augusta, Montana.

While in Augusta, take Highway 287 south out of town to get to the airport. It’s close enough to town that you can walk (though may not be recommended) or drive quickly without issue.

FAQs for Augusta Airport

The Augusta Airport in Augusta, Montana, is a small, public airport with easy access for those flying in and out of the airport. You may have questions, though – and these FAQs may help answer them.

Flight Destinations from Augusta Airport

Augusta Airport is used by private aircraft only, so there are no set destinations to which you may fly from the small airport.

Which airlines fly out of Augusta Airport?

Because Augusta Airport is a private craft airport, there are no airlines that fly from the field. For commercial flights, the nearest airport is Great Falls International Airport (GTF / KGTF), 56 miles from Augusta.

Is there a hotel at or near Augusta Airport?

There are several hotels, guest houses, lodges, and rentals in Augusta, Montana. All are within easy driving distance of the airport.

Some of the nearby hotels include:

Airport Parking Options

The airport has plenty of parking available. For long visits, you’ll need to make arrangements for long-term parking. You can do this at the airport office.

Does Augusta Airport offer car rentals?

There are no car rentals at Augusta Airport. You will need to make arrangements ahead of time through local businesses instead, some of which may include airport pickup options.

Is there a shuttle from Augusta Airport?

There may be shuttles from the airport available through your lodging. The airport itself does not offer shuttle services.

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