Airports Near Miles City, Montana

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Last Updated: March 4th, 2023

Miles City is an authentic western town featuring vast pastures and plains with grazing livestock.

Peruse the shops on Main Street, hike lush state parks, and spend time at the museums.

Visit Southeast Montana and learn about the history of horse trading and rodeos; there are many places to explore in this corner of Montana, including Wyoming and the Dakotas.

To plan your next vacation, check out the airports near Miles City, Montana.

Planning and Resources for Your Visit to Miles City

  • Best time to visit: mid-May to late September is the best time to visit Miles City, Montana. You can expect warmer weather during the day with cooler conditions at night. If you’re coming to Montana for ski season, check out the mountains near Billings.
  • When to book hotels: as a rule of thumb, it’s best to start monitoring prices two months before your flight to see when prices dip. You will most likely find the best deals around the two-week mark before your trip. If you will be in town for a special event, like the Bucking Horse Sale in May, it’s best to book early. Check Available accommodations here.
  • Weather: The weather in Belgrade fluctuates depending on the season. Winters are frigid with snowy conditions and considerable cloud cover. Warmer weather will begin in June and last through the end of summer, and falls are chilly with occasional snow. You can still experience some snow during spring and an increase in rain.
  • Popular attractions: check out the Range Riders Museum, sip on a glass of red at the Tongue River Winery, visit the expansive antique mall, or relax at Riverside Park.
  • Pick a guide: Montana is an outdoor lover’s dream, but some may not be familiar with safety precautions. Take advantage of the many trained professionals who can make your trip even better. Take guided tours through national parks or hire a boat service for fishing. Stay safe and have fun!

The 5 Airports Near Miles City

While there are no commercial Miles City airports, there is a small airport for private planes and other options for commercial flights within driving distance.

  1. Billings Logan International Airport – Billings, MT
  2. Northeast Wyoming Regional Airport – Gillette, WY
  3. Dickinson Regional Airport – Dickinson, ND
  4. Williston Basin International Airport – Williston, ND
  5. Bismarck Airport – Bismarck, ND

1. Billings Logan International Airport

billings logan international airport

The Billings-Logan International Airport is a 2-hour and 30-minute drive (146 miles) and is the closest airport to Miles City, Montana. This small airport hosts six airlines and more than ten direct flights to hubs across the US.

The Billings Airport has quick check-in and security with plenty of amenities. Stop by the cafe for a drink and a sandwich; hang out at the bar and enjoy a cold beer.

Other convenient airport features include Wi-Fi, gift shop, nursing rooms, lounge areas, and local artwork.

Direct flights into Billings include:

  • Minneapolis
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • Denver
  • Phoenix
  • Salt Lake City
  • Las Vegas
  • Portland
  • Seattle
  • Other cities in Montana

Book your flight with Alaska, Delta, Cape Air, United, American, and Allegiant. It’s also serviced by cargo and mail carrier airlines like FedEx and UPS. Visit their website for a complete list of cities with non-stop flights to Billings.

The Billings Airport is the best option for those who want the closest option with direct flights.

The scenery from the airport consists of rolling plains and small rivers; stop by Bighorn or Forsythe for a bite to eat and local shopping. It’s best to rent a car near the airport to drive into Miles City.

2. Northeast Wyoming Regional Airport

northeast wyoming regional airport

The Northeast Wyoming Regional Airport is a 2-hour and 33-minute drive (167 miles) to Miles City. This small airport mainly provides general aviation services, but they have one commercial flight to and from Denver through United Airlines.

You can find amenities like free parking, restrooms, and a restaurant serving hot and cold food from 10 AM to 2 PM. If you need to rest before your long drive, check out some of the nearby restaurants and hotels.

Flying into Wyoming Airport is a good option for those wanting to explore Northern Wyoming and Southern Montana. Book a rental car or RV in Gillette and road trip through national forests and native reservations.

3. Dickinson Regional Airport

dickinson regional airport

The Dickinson Regional Airport is a 2-hour and 40-minute drive (179 miles) to Miles City.

This small airport mainly provides general aviation services, but they have one commercial flight to and from Denver through United Airlines. Enjoy competitive fares and two round-trip flights per day.

Getting through check-in and security is a breeze with fast lines and limited passengers. There are only a few amenities like a seating area, two rental car agencies, and vending machines. Be sure to bring snacks and drinks with you if you plan on waiting for a while.

Booking a flight into Dickinson Airport is an excellent idea for those looking to explore Western North Dakota, Eastern Montana, and Northwest South Dakota. The best way to leave the airport is by rental car or a local taxi service.

4. Williston Basin International Airport

williston basin international airport
Image: flywilliston

Williston Basin International Airport is a 2-hour and 54-minute drive (178 miles) to Miles City. This small airport offers several direct flights to popular US hubs and uses three air carriers.

The facility is spacious and comfortable, providing amenities like a restaurant, bar, children’s play area, Wi-Fi, lactation rooms, and a gaming area (electronic pull-tab machines).

Year-round and seasonal non-stop direct flights from Williston Basin include:

  • United Airlines: Denver, CO
  • Delta: Minneapolis, MN
  • Sun Country: Las Vegas, NV

Williston Basin International Airport services North Dakota and Eastern Montana. If you plan on making stops between North Dakota and Miles City, then this airport is a great choice.

The drive to your destination is on highways near forests, rivers, and plains. Rent a car or an RV from the airport and road trip through two states!

5. Bismarck Airport

bismarck airport
Image: bismarckairport

The Bismarck Airport is a 4-hour drive (274 miles) to Miles City. The airport offers seven direct non-stop flights from seven US hubs and hosts five major airlines.

Bismarck Airport services central and western North Dakota and is the perfect spot to get started on your vacation.

Enjoy amenities such as business kiosks, Wi-Fi, EV charging stations, free baggage carts, and nursing stations. If you get hungry, check out their two cafes serving sandwiches, breakfast items, coffee, and some alcoholic beverages.

Book your flight from seven direct hubs across the US:

  • Denver
  • Dallas
  • Las Vegas
  • Minneapolis
  • Chicago
  • Orlando
  • Phoenix

Even if you’re not close to these cities, you can book a connecting flight. Available airlines include American, Delta, Frontier, Allegiant, and United.

Bismarck is an excellent flight location for those wanting to start their road trip in central North Dakota before heading to Eastern Montana. Check out Lake Sakajewea, then drive through open prairies and grasslands.

Your Onward Journey to Miles City

  • Rent a car: Most airports have rental car agencies inside the terminal and offer great rates. They make it easy and convenient to book, pay, and pick up your car right from the airport. Pick a vehicle that meets your needs (sedan, SUV, truck, etc.) and hit the road of your own free will.
  • Rideshare: If you are flying into an airport close to Belgrade, you may wish to catch a quick ride to your destination. Use ride apps like Uber and Lyft to get quickly to your hotel. You could also use services like Turo, a peer-to-peer car rental that lets you book local owners’ cars. Some more rural airports may not offer rideshare, so check for available taxi services in the area.
  • Take a Greyhound: If your airport is further away, consider taking a greyhound bus to drop you off close to Miles City. The closest bus stop to your destination is in Miles City, so you could easily buy a ticket close to your airport and catch a convenient, affordable ride.
  • Find an RV rental: Do you have a long drive ahead of you? Are you looking for a fun family adventure? Try renting an RV! Do a quick search to see the closest RV rental places near your airport and book a recreational vehicle for an exciting road trip through Montana.

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