Turner Mountain Ski Resort

Welcome to the “hidden gem” of Montana, the Turner Mountain Ski Resort. The resort is owned by the Kootenai Winter Sports Ski Education Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization.

Its volunteers operate the resort through competent administration and local support. Their actions garner funds from people and organizations both in and outside the community.

Affordable lift tickets combined with endless winter activities make the Turner Mountain Ski Resort an excellent family getaway. The volunteers’ hospitality at the resort only adds to the unforgettable experience. Due to word-of-mouth, tourists from all over America have started to arrive at the resort to witness its breath-taking beauty firsthand.

If you are looking for an inexpensive winter escape, the Turner Mountain Ski Resort is the ideal place for you.

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Turner Mountain Ski Resort Stats

  • Highest Elevation: (ft/m): 5952 ft
  • Number of lifts: 1 (Double Lift)
  • Seasons: winter and summer
  • Number of trails: 22
    • Beginners: 15%
    • Intermediate: 35%
    • Experts: 50%

The Top 3 Hotels in Turner Mountain

Caboose Motel

Caboose Motel

  • Non-Smoking Rooms
  • Laundry
  • Pets Allowed
Country Inn Libby

Country Inn Libby

  • Movie Nights
  • Mountain View
  • Golf Course
Evergreen Motel

Evergreen Motel

  • BBQ Facilities
  • Picnic Area
  • Free WiFi

Ticket and Passes

You will need to purchase a lift ticket to access the skiing facilities present at the resort. The lift ticket price depends on the rider’s age and the number of days the rider uses the lift.

Lift Tickets (Day)

  • Child (0-6 years): FREE
  • Junior (7-12 years): $25
  • Teen (13-18 years): $30
  • Adults: $42
  • Senior (62 and above): $35
  • College Student (with ID): $35
  • Active Duty Military (with ID): $35

Lift Tickets (Half-Day)

  • Child (0-6 years): FREE
  • Junior (7-12 years): $20
  • Teen (13-18 years): $25
  • Adults: $39
  • Senior (62 and above): $30
  • College Student (with ID): $30
  • Active Duty Military (with ID): $30

You can also avail of discounts on lift ticket prices through gift certificates, 5-day vouchers, and season passes. The passes and the coupons will be available at the following location.

The Office of Bruce Zwang, CPA – 519 California Ave, Libby
Libby Sports Center – 204 West 9th Street, Libby

Note: 5-day vouchers are only sold through 24th December.

Lift Tickets (5-Day Voucher)

  • Child (0-6 years): FREE
  • Junior (7-12 years): $100
  • Teen (13-18 years): $120
  • Adults: $170
  • Senior (62 and above): $140
  • College Student (with ID): $140
  • Active Duty Military (with ID): $140

Season Passes

  • Child (0-6 years): FREE
  • Junior (7-12 years): $305
  • Teen (13-18 years): $370
  • Adults: $535
  • Senior (62 and above): $445
  • College Student (with ID): $445
  • Active Duty Military (with ID): $445

For complete information on tickets and passes, you can check out the official site.


The Turner Mountain Ski Resort offers various services to its visitors to make sure their time at the resort is something they remember forever. These services can be classified into two categories: rent and lessons.


Equipment Rentals

At the Turner Mountain Ski Resort, you can rent skiing and snowboarding equipment. The resort also features BOA system boots and Rossignol rocker technology as a part of its rental equipment. Snowboarding and Ski rentals are available on the bottom floor of the lodge.

Ski Rentals

  • Adult Ski Package: $30
  • Demo Ski Package: $40
  • Kids (12 and under) Ski Package: $15

Note: All rental and demo ski gear are available at competitive prices.

Snowboard Rentals

  • Adult Snowboard Package: $30
  • Demo Snowboard Package: $40
  • Kids (12 and under) Snowboard Package: $15

Rent the Mountain

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could have the whole mountain to yourself? Imagine not waiting in long lines for the lift for once.

You can rent the mountain on non-operational days during the open season. Contact the resort at for further information.


You can now sign-up for snowboarding and skiing lessons at the Turner Mountain Ski Resort. The classes will take place on Saturdays and Sundays at 10 am and 1 pm. For a two-hour session, the cost is $20, and the instructor will be Chad Munro.

It is strongly recommended that you sign-up for the class beforehand; call 406.293.2468 (Monday- Friday) to reserve your seat today.

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Learn to Ski in 3 Program

In memory of Heidi Tauber, The Turner Mountain Ski Resort has launched a three-day training program for people new to skiing and skateboarding. The program will cost $90 (all ages), and it will include:

  • 3- Daily Equipment Rentals
  • 3- Day Lift Tickets
  • 3- Two-Hour Lessons

Ski Free Passport Program

The Ski Free Passport Program allows anybody in the fifth grade to ride and ski for free at Turner Mountain Ski Area. The Ski Passport is the ideal way for you and your family to enjoy the excellent outdoor winter activity in Northwest Montana.

How it Works

The passport entitles you to 5 days of free skiing or snowboarding. You will obtain a passport after applying via passport application. There is a processing fee of $20. Show it at the Turner Mountain Ski Area ticket counter when you receive your passport.

Passport Application 

  • Read the Rules and Regulations before signing the permission form.
  • Print neatly, fill out the complete form (PDF) and add a phone number.
  • Send the completed application, alongside a $20 money order or check made out to Turner Mountain Ski Area, to Turner Mountain Ski Area/ 519 California Ave/ Libby, MT 59923

Accommodation Options

Unfortunately, the Turner Mountain Ski Resort does not offer any accommodation of its own. However, the resort decided to collaborate with various accommodation facilities near the mountain and came up with the ideal package for you: the ski and stay package.

With a ski and stay bundle, you’ll save $5 on your lift ticket and get a hotel discount. Please feel free to contact one of the resort’s many ski & stay accommodation partners for further information and offers.


Caboose Motel & Adventures

The Caboose Motel provides its guests big rooms with either a king or a double queen bed. There are smoking and non-smoking rooms available. The motel offers many amenities to its visitors, such as Wi-Fi, a computer room, guest laundry, and, of course, their famed hot breakfast bar (seasonal) at a very reasonable price.

Country Inn

The Country Inn is committed to providing genuine neighborhood hospitality, pleasant service, and a welcoming setting. Whether you’re just passing through or spending your vacation in the mountains, the Country Inn provides a selection of reasonable, spacious rooms and options to make your stay in Libby a memorable one!

Country Inn offers a range of accommodations with courteous facilities to meet the needs of every guest, from a single guest to a big family.

Dumont’s Creekside Bed & Breakfast

Dumont’s Creekside Bed & Breakfast is located along the Kootenai River, four miles away from Libby. The bed & breakfast is open all year to welcome its guests. There is only one suite available at this accommodation facility.

The suite has one queen-size bed, a sofa sleeper, and a private bath and shower. The room costs $295 for 1-2 people sharing a single bed for a night. A two-night minimum stay is required for you to book the room. Additional guests are charged $50 per person per night.

Evergreen Motel

Whether you’re searching for a peaceful, pleasant location to stay for the night or a comfortable home base for a week-long outdoor experience in northwest Montana, the Evergreen Motel is the best choice for you. The motel offers various types of accommodation accompanied by several room amenities. 

Quartz Creek Cottage Bed & Breakfast

Quartz Creek Cottage offers a tranquil place for guests to appreciate the many wonders of Northwest Montana. The cottage can be booked through Airbnb, and you can get a $40 credit on Airbnb if you sign-up through the Quartz Creek Cottage website.

Venture Motor Inn & Restaurant

The Venture Motor Inn is one of the finest Inns located in Northwest Montana. The full-service restaurant is just a glimpse of what the Inn offers. At the Inn, you can find affordable single-room accommodation. The types of rooms, alongside their prices are mentioned below.

  • King: $119, can only accommodate two adults and a child.
  • Queen: $123, can only accommodate two adults and a child.
  • Double Queen: $134, can only accommodate five adults and four children.
  • Handicap Queen: $119, can only accommodate two adults and a child.

Trail Routes

Turner Mountain Ski Resort offers twenty-two different trail paths for tourists to explore. Each route is rated as follows:

  • Easiest
  • More Difficult
  • Most Difficult


  • Jeep Road
  • Boundary Road

More Difficult

  • No Brake Jake
  • Mo-Z  Down
  • Cabinet Avenue
  • Pneumonia Ridge
  • Lower Mambo
  • Main
  • Cut-off
  • Pig Chute
  • Elk Basin
  • The Backside of the Moon

Most Difficult

  • Powder Mills
  • Far Pig Chute
  • Upper Mambo
  • Near South
  • Mountain Standard Time
  • Power Dive
  • Seventh Heaven
  • Far North
  • Big Red
  • Holes Hell
  • Boulevard
  • Sundance Bowl



The following events hosted by the Turner Mountain Ski Resort can’t be missed.

Montucky Clearcut

The Montucky Clearcut is the largest fundraiser event for Turner Mountain and Libby. The event aims to improve tourism in the Libby area and promote Alpine Carving.

The Montucky Clearcut will be from 31st January – 3rd February 2022. Registration is already open and will remain available until 23rd January.

Customer Appreciation Day

Customer Appreciation Day is a way for the resort to pay back its loyal customers. On 21st February 2022, customers with voucher cards will enjoy unlimited access to the lift for free or reduced cost, depending on the rider’s age.

Brews 4 Benefits

Every Thursday in February, $1 of every beer sold at the Cabinet Mountain Brewing Company will be given to the Turner Mountain Ski Resort as charity. For further information, contact the resort.

Crazy Dayz

Crazy Dayz is a winter carnival hosted by the resort for fundraising purposes. There will be multiple stalls at the carnival ranging from fun games to delicious food.

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