Potosi Hot Springs, Montana

Potosi Hot Springs is a serene hot spring surrounded by nature and a variety of excellent hiking trails. Located near the ghost town Pony, Montana, Potosi Hot Springs offers a relaxing retreat to visitors. After a scenic hike at one of the many trails nearby, visitors can relax in the hot springs.

Despite it being in nature, there are still ways to stay the night right by the springs, as the owners offer cabin rentals nearby.

Overall, Potosi Hot Springs is an excellent way to escape and take things slow with breathtaking surroundings and excellent pools to take a dip in.

potosi hot springs
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Potosi Hot Springs Facilities

Potosi Hot Springs is arguably the best of both worlds when it comes to what it can offer. It is surrounded by nature and hiking trails just like many undeveloped springs, but also offers the amenities of a developed spring, such as lodging.

The main pool is large and can accommodate up to twenty guests. It’s surrounded by a granite cliff, making for a nice view as you relax. There’s also a smaller indoor pool as well.

Since reservations are required to enjoy the springs, you can expect a truly private experience.

For those looking to stay overnight, there are four cabins to choose from. All cabins accommodate four guests and both offer a full kitchen, a fireplace, and a view of the creek.

It should be noted that there is only Wi-Fi at the main house where you check in.

It’s recommended to pack food and a bathing suit before venturing to the hot spring. Potosi Hot Springs is not currently offering meals, so you’ll want to stock up on food beforehand.

The owners also recommend bringing a flashlight to use if you plan to take a dip in the springs when it’s dark out. The springs are also only for guests 13 and up.

Potosi Hot Springs Facts

  • The facility is surrounded by 80 acres of nature
  • The outdoor pool is the largest and is deep enough to swim in
  • The indoor pool is small and not that deep
  • The outdoor pool has an average temperature of about 93°F and the indoor pool is about 102 °F.
  • The facility is open from May to September and check-in is from 3 pm to 7 pm
  • Reservations area about out $200 dollars plus $15 for each extra person with a max capacity of 40 people. The springs are free for guests who stay overnight in one of the cabins
  • The nearest town is Pony
  • The spring’s website can be found here


Getting There

Potosi Hot Springs is a short drive from Pony, as it’s about 6.6 miles away from the town. We recommend first making a stop in Harrison however, as there is a small store called Wheat & Thistle General Store that offers basic food and snack items. Plan on stocking up on some food there before visiting, especially if you plan on staying overnight.

After you’re done shopping in Harrison, head along Highway 287 then onto Highway 283. As you head into Pony, turn left onto Potosi Road. After driving 3.1 miles, turn right on South Willow Creek Road. After about 3.5 miles you will find Potosi.

Park by the main house on the right. The owners note not to worry about the no trespassing sign you might see as you are actually in the correct spot. Knock on the door and the owners should let you in and help you get checked in.

The hot springs themselves are a short walk from the main house, about 1/4 mile. You can also walk from one of the cabins if you are staying overnight. If you plan on visiting the springs at night, make sure to bring an extra layer as it can get cold.

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