Gigantic Warm Springs, Lewistown, MT

Gigantic Warm Springs is a wide warm spring with plenty of space to swim and relax. Located on a small private ranch near Lewistown, the warm springs are popular with both tourists and locals alike.

The destination is considered to be the world’s largest warm spring in the world and is the third-largest natural spring, Gigantic Warm Springs is the perfect place to take a dip well on vacation or during the summer.

With almost 100 yards in diameter of water, Gigantic Warm Springs can accommodate many visitors and it’s not unusual for there to be up to 200 people swimming in the spring. More of a warm spring rather than a hot spring, Gigantic Warm Springs is ideal on a hot day as visitors can cool off in the water then relax by the spring well taking in the scenic views.



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Gigantic Warm Springs Facilities

The springs are popular and cheap, offering an upbeat and friendly atmosphere. A more lively experience than your typical hot spring, many people jump in the spring from the decks or utilize the volleyball net nearby to play games. The spring is also wide and deep, so it’s best to be a decent swimmer.

However, if you are unsure about your swimming ability, you can still enjoy the springs by staying in the roped-off shallow area on the east end. Even if you don’t utilize the springs, you can still enjoy relaxing in the spacious area and taking in the scenic views around the ranch. You can also bring your own swim floats.

Swimsuits are not optional and you can change at one of the two changing rooms in the back. There are also restrooms available should you need to use the bathroom. It’s also important to note that dogs are not allowed at the warm springs. With wide-open green space, it is easy to find somewhere to sit and camping is even available.

There are no food services offered onsite so you’ll have to bring your own food. Luckily, there are picnic tables available. You’ll also want to keep in mind pack in, pack out rules when visiting as they do apply. Peak times are generally during July when temperatures are the hottest. Consider going in late August or early September to avoid the largest crowds.

Hot Springs Facts

  • The springs are about 5,000 square feet
  • The springs are about 14 ft deep
  • The spring has an average temperature of around 68°F
  • The springs are open during the day and from June 1st to Monday, Labor Day weekend
  • Admission is about $4 dollars for ages 14 and over, $3 for ages six to thirteen, and children under $6 can go in for free.
  • The nearest town is Lewistown


Getting To Gigantic Warm Springs

The drive from Lewistown to Gigantic Warm Springs is not too bad as it’s about fifteen miles northwest on the Denton Highway. The drive is about twenty-one minutes, making it a rather quick and simple journey. Don’t forget to pack a lunch, some snacks, and water, as food and drink are not provided at the warm springs.

You may also want to consider bringing a picnic blanket should you be unable to find a picnic table. If you have the space in your car, you can also bring swim floats so you can relax in the springs without swimming. Unfortunately, you’ll have to leave your dogs behind if you have them because pets are not allowed in the spring.

From Lewistown, Montana, you will want to go north on US 191 nine miles from the center of Lewistown. Take a left on MT 81 for 3.7 miles, you will then see a sign that is hard to miss for Gigantic Warm Springs. After about a mile, take a right on Warm Spring Lane.

The destination will be on your left. You’ll likely be directed to park near the blue bathrooms. After you’ve made it, unpack your stuff and enjoy swimming and cooling off in the spring!

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