Big Sky Field, Culbertson

Traveling through the beautiful northeastern side of Montana? You’ll love the opportunity to stop at the Big Sky Field Airport in quaint Culbertson. Being only one mile north of Culbertson proper, this publicly-owned airport has everything you’ll need to land and store your plane with confidence. 

Offering 100LL fuel for your convenience, the Big Sky Airport facilities also include tie-downs, hangars for parking or storage, and minimal maintenance facilities.

A small amount of outdoor parking is available, as well as restrooms and access to nearby hotels. While Big Sky is a smaller airport, it provides all of the creature comforts after a long adventure in the skies.

Aircraft operations average a little under 90 vehicles a week, so you’re looking at a small but resource-filled site. Big Sky Field Airport offers two longer asphalt runways, so you’ll want to check in with nearby air traffic controls for a safe landing and takeoff.

If you’re flying through Culbertson during the second week of August, we highly recommend checking out the Roosevelt County Fair for cool drinks for you, and plenty of bouncy inflatables for the kids (Don’t miss out on the last day’s rodeo!).

If you’re passing through any time from May to September, visit the Culbertson Museum for an immersive turn-of-the-century experience.

Objects may be larger than they appear in Culbertson, and that includes this hometown museum: our favorite areas are the well-stocked old-time general store, period clothing, and a real-life schoolhouse.

If you’re diving in for the annual Frontier Days in June, you just may get to see a Ladies Breakaway contest. But more than anything, we recommend flying north over Medicine Lake National Wildlife Refuge. Go ahead: soar with the birds! 

The Big Sky Field Airport is a well-oiled machine, and it’s your big ticket to a flight over the Madison River or small town Culbertson. Enjoy your flight!

Big Sky Field Airport, Culbertson Info

big sky field

A small operation, this unpretentious landing spot has year-round accessibility and continuous on-call hours. As far as stats go, Big Sky Field airport is the perfect entry point to a small town living adventure.

Wide open skies, here we come!

FAQ about Big Sky Field Airport, Culbertson


With a name like Big Sky Field Airport, it’s easy to assume that this airport services all of Big Sky Country – but that’s pretty far from the truth. In fact, you’ll need to chart your own aviation maps to land at this spot!

Let’s go over some questions and answers that’ll help your landing at Big Sky Field and stay near Culbertson that much more comfortable. 

Flight Destinations from Big Sky Field Airport, Culbertson

Our favorite destination flight is over Medicine Lake National Wildlife Refuge, but you get to decide where you want to go! Whether you’re taking an hour-long trip or making it a day trip over your favorite stretches of the Missouri River, there are plenty of aviation options from Big Sky Field Airport.

Just don’t forget to check out The Stagecoach Bar & Grill for a cold beer once you’re back in Culbertson!

Pro tip: if you’re looking for another publicly-owned airport with at least one airline in the future, the nearest one you’ll find in Roosevelt County is L.M. Clayton Airport about fifty miles west of Culbertson proper.

Which airlines fly out of Big Sky Field Airport, Culbertson?

As a public airport owned by Roosevelt County, you’re sure to see only private-use planes flying in and out of Big Sky Field. But, since L.M. Clayton Airport is so close, you can always hop on over for a flight on Cape Air.

Is there a hotel at or near Big Sky Field Airport, Culbertson?

While you won’t find a hotel at this Roosevelt County-owned airport, there are two convenient and affordable locations in town for an aviation fiend.

Our top pick is King’s Inn for its large, spotless rooms, delightful owners, and even more delightful fresh coffee in the morning.

One more recommended spot is the Hi-Line Inn & Suites, a modern inn to rest your eyes in with full-sized refrigerators, an outdoor grill, and great prices. 

Big Sky Field Airport, Culbertson Parking Options

You’re unlikely to find much parking at the Big Sky Field airport, but since the airport is only a mile north of Culbertson proper, it won’t be hard to take rideshare into the city if no parking is available. Your call!

Does Big Sky Field Airport, Culbertson offer car rentals?

Because of its limited size and minimal amenities, the Big Sky Airport doesn’t offer any car rentals, but you’ll find easier access in nearby Havre.

We also recommend car-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft to get around town, although the center of Culbertson is extremely walkable with two parks. 

Is there a shuttle from Big Sky Field Airport, Culbertson?

No shuttles operate to and from Big Sky Field Airport at this time, but Uber, Lyft, and taxis will all get you back and forth at an extremely affordable rate.

Depending on where you stay in town, hotels and motels may offer shuttles or suggestions to make your trip a bit easier. 

What other amenities does the Big Sky Field Airport, Culbertson offer?

We’ll be honest: Big Sky Field Airport doesn’t offer much in the way of amenities, beyond some bare-bones amenities you’d expect at any smaller-scale public-use airport.

But what it lacks in additional amenities it offers in location, experiences, and the magic of flight. Whether you’re in town for the Frontier Days rodeo or just passing through before heading further west, Big Sky Field Airport and Culbertson have plenty of unique opportunities to enjoy everything Montana has to offer – including impressively big skies.

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