Nimrod Hot Springs, Montana

Nimrod Hot Springs is a natural hot spring located in Bryne, Montana. With pristine clear waters and a wide lake to swim and relax in, you can expect a truly beautiful and refreshing experience here.

Since Nimrod Hot Springs is also a natural undeveloped spring, you can expect to not only be surrounded by nature but also can avoid the large crowds that you would expect at a more commercialized hot spring.

You also won’t need to avoid having to worry about paying an admission fee, as Nimrod Hot Springs is completely free of charge. With stunning views and a tranquil atmosphere, Nimrod Hot Springs is truly a hidden gem in Montana.

Hot Springs Atmosphere

As an undeveloped hot spring, Nimrod definitely has a more rustic and quiet atmosphere than most hot springs. Nestled within the mountains, Nimrod is free of any facilities or fluff. You won’t be able to find any spa add-ons or bathroom facilities nearby. This also means you’ll swim at your own risk.

However, this also means that Nimrod has a truly peaceful vibe and offers you a better chance to truly experience nature. With perfectly clear blue waters and a sloping rock formation, Nimrod Hot Springs is truly unlike any other spring in Montana.

For those who prefer to swim around in the hot springs, rather than just relax, Nimrod is a great spot as it is spacious and deep. Additionally, for the more adventurous, there is an underwater cave in the springs that you can dive down to.

Doing this is recommended for expert swimmers only and you may want to bring scuba gear so you have better visibility while driving. There is also a rope you can use to pull yourself up after you’ve dived down.

Because Nimrod Hot Springs is a little cooler than most other hot springs and can also get crowded, we recommend packing a warm bathing suit just to be safe rather than planning on going clothing-free. Peak times are typically around late June and July as many college students visit the area.

If you want to avoid the crowds, consider going in early in the summer. While you might think going in the winter is a good idea to truly have the springs to yourself, it’s an unwise idea. The springs are unfortunately not warm enough to make it a pleasant experience in the winter.

Hot Springs Facts

  • The spring is a spacious pool with plenty of room to swim around
  • The pool is quite deep, so it’s best to be a decent swimmer before visiting
  • The pool has an average temperature of around 70°F, so it’s a cooler hot spring
  • The springs are open 24/7 and are accessible any time of the year, however, it’s best to visit in the summer because the springs have a cool temperature
  • Although private and owned by the Czorny family, anyone can access the space for free, the owners just ask that visitors are respectful of the area and clean up trash
  • The nearest town is Missoula


Getting There

Nimrod Hot Springs is about a 30-minute drive from Missoula. Since the springs are undeveloped, you’ll also want to plan on packing your own food. Just remember to take all your trash with you and leave nothing behind when you leave.

To get there, take the north exit at Bearmouth/Mile 138 on I-90. Then turn north toward the Drummond Front Road and afterward turn left at the Fishing Access sign. You should find parking in about 1500 feet. The road will end at a berm. From there you will walk west near the freeway.

The hike is about half a mile to the springs. You should see the spring far away in the distance. Once you’ve reached the springs and see a road divider placed in the fence, there should be a place to walk under the fence. Once you’ve crossed, there should be a well-defined gravel path to the spring.

This is the only way to get to the springs and park legally so well there are other routes you can take, we recommend taking this one as you won’t have to worry about your car potentially getting ticketed or even towed. Although the hike is a bit of a journey, it is well worth the trek to see and explore the beautiful hot springs!

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