​​Holter Museum of Art, Montana

​​holter museum of art, montana

The Holter Museum of Art is the center of Helena’s artistic community. Valuing the creative diversity in perspective and the healing powers of the craft, the museum offers its guests …

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Cathedral of St. Helena, Helena, Montana

cathedral of st. helena, helena, montana

The stunning Cathedral of St. Helena is an impressive, active Roman Catholic church built in the middle of Montana’s capital city of Helena. The incredible stained-glass windows and gilded crosses …

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The 8 Best Bars in Helena, Montana

best bars in helena

Historically known as Last Chance Gulch, Helena was a popular destination for settlers during the Montana Goldrush. While the famous gold-riddled creek has long dried up, the Montana state capital …

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Best 8 Coffee Shops in Helena, Montana

coffee shops in helena

When the weather is cold, there’s nothing better than a toasty coffee and a cute cafe to warm your spirits. When the weather is hot, these same cafes bring out …

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7 Unique Places to Stay in Helena, Montana

unique places to stay in helena

Helena is known as the world-class destination for adventurous trips with its rugged volcanic landscape set against the national forests, trout-laden rivers, broad panoramic valleys, crystal-clear lakes, and natural hot …

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Best Time To Visit Helena, Montana

best time to visit helena

Helena has grown from a small mining town to one of the largest cities in Montana as well as the state’s capital. Located just adjacent to its namesake mountain, it’s …

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The 10 Best Hotels in Helena, Montana

the best hotels in helena

Helena is the small but vibrant capital of Montana, with roots going back to the gold rush of the 1800s. Today the city is an intriguing combination of the Old …

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The 8 Best Restaurants In Helena, Montana

a glorious sunset near helena, montana

Visiting a new place is an exciting affair. You must have prepared an itinerary, covered all the tourist spots that you must visit, and the shopping locations that cannot be …

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9 Awesome Things to Do in Helena, Montana

things to do in helena

10 Best Tours in Helena Gates of the Mountains • This 2-hour cruise on an open-air boat takes you through the magnificent and scenic river journey first made famous by …

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