Boulder Falls, Montana

boulder falls, ravalli county

Boulder Falls is a fairly large set of falls located on Boulder Creek near Connor, Montana. Boulder Creek travels down Boulder Canyon from high in the Bitterroot Mountains. The canyon …

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Skalkaho Falls, Montana

skalkaho falls ravalli county

Skalkaho Falls is one of the most amazing falls in Montana. This 150-foot cascade of water tumbles down the mountainside, and under Montana Highway 38. The trip to Skalkaho Falls …

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Military Bases in Montana

military bases in montana

The U.S. Military has a long history in Montana. The first military men traveled through Montana as part of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. As western expansion moved into Montana …

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The 8 Best Helicopter Tours in Montana

helicopter tours in montana

Helicopter tours in Montana are a great way to see some of the amazing sites in the state from a completely different perspective. For many people, the opportunity to explore …

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Sacred Dancing Cascade, Montana

sacred dancing cascade, flathead county

The Going-to-the-Sun Road offers visitors to Glacier National Park a great way to see many of the most amazing sights in the park, from the comfort of their car. While …

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Memorial Falls, Cascade County, Montana

memorial falls, cascade county

Travelers along US Route 89 generally fly by the pull-off for Memorial Falls. However, if you are looking for a short hike to stretch your legs, or just want a …

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Morrell Falls, Montana

morrell falls, powell county

Morrell Falls are some of the most popular waterfalls in Montana. Located in the Swan Mountains in the heart of the Lolo National Forest, this is the perfect place for …

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Saint Mary Falls, Montana

saint mary falls, glacier county

The Saint Mary area of Glacier National Park is one of the most beautiful parts of the Park. It is from the Saint Mary entrance that you start your drive …

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Black Eagle Falls, Montana

black eagle falls, cascade county

Black Eagle Falls is one of five waterfalls on the Missouri River near Great Falls, MT. Today, these five falls look very different than they did when they were first …

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Palisade Falls, Montana

palisade falls

Not every hike to a waterfall needs to be difficult. Sure, many of the best rewards for a challenging hike are waterfalls, but in the case of Palisade Falls near …

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Your Guide to Stargazing in Glacier National Park

With famously dark skies, Glacier National Park is ideal for stargazing. The International Dark Sky Association actually named Glacier Park, along with Canada’s Waterton Lakes National Park, the world’s first …

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Havre Beneath the Streets, Montana

havre beneath the streets

Havre Beneath the Streets is a museum unlike any other. Both an immersive and educational experience, Havre Beneath the Streets allows visitors to travel back in time and experience what …

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World Museum Of Mining, Montana

museum of mining

The World Museum of Mining is located in Butte, Montana, and offers mining exhibits, artifacts, a recreation of an 1890s mine town, and the Orphan Girl Mine. Situated in a …

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Montana Folk Festival, Butte

montana folk festival

The Montana Folk Festival is one of the largest outdoor music festivals in the northwest region of the state. The festival has played a key role over the years in …

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Colter Falls (Historical), Montana

colter falls, cascade county

Colter Falls is an inundated waterfall located within the Rainbow Dam impoundment in Cascade County. First discovered by the Lewis & Cark Expedition in 1805, Colter Falls was the smallest …

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Charlie Falls, Montana

charlie falls, carbon county

Located within the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness of Custer Gallatin National Forest, Charlie Falls is only one of the many beautiful water features along East Rosebud Creek in Montana’s Carbon County. With …

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Appistoki Falls, Montana

appistoki falls, glacier county

One of the more popular hikes in Glacier National Park is the Appistoki Falls and Scenic Point hikes. This trail is a very popular trail for tourists and during peak …

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Apex Falls, Montana

apex falls, gallatin county

Apex Falls is one of 9 waterfalls that can be accessed along the Hyalite Peak Trail. This trail is one of the most popular in the Hyalite Canyon area. Located …

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Champagne Falls, Montana

champagne falls, gallatin county

Surrounded by the Northern Gallatin Mountain Range, the Champagne falls is a fantastic waterfall feature along Hyalite Creek in Custer Gallatin National Forest. Located 24 miles south of Bozeman, Champagne …

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Cedar Falls, Montana

cedar falls, madison county

Nestled in the embrace of Cedar Mountain in the Madison Range of Montana’s southern Lee Metcalf Wilderness, Cedar Falls is a difficult landmark for tourists to reach and are preserved …

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Cataract Falls, Montana

cataract falls, lewis and clark county

Located along the Rocky Mountain Front of the Lewis and Clark National Forest, Cataract Falls are a beautiful plunging waterfall feature along Cataract Creek in Montana’s Lewis and Clark County. …

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Running Eagle Falls, Montana

running eagle falls

Running Eagle Falls is located in Montana’s Glacier National Park near St. Mary. It is administered by the National Park Service and is a somewhat unique, scenic gem of a …

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Ousel Falls, Montana

ousel falls

Ousel Falls is located within Ousel Falls Park near Big Sky, in Montana’s scenic Gallatin County. This is a popular and easily-accessible Montana waterfall within walking distance of the Big …

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Castner Falls, Montana

castner falls

Located along Geyser Creek in Cascade County, Castner Falls is a minor water feature that can be accessed as a roadside attraction. Nestled in the corner of the intersection of …

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Cascade Falls, Park County, Montana

cascade falls park

Not to be mistaken with the waterfall with the same name in Sanders County, Park County’s Cascade Falls are a minor water feature found along Cascade Creek, which runs parallel …

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Cascade Falls, Sanders County, Montana

cascade falls

Located only 0.3 miles from Montana Highway 135 connecting Paradise to St Regis, Cascade Falls, Montana, is an easily accessible waterfall along Cascade Creek in Sanders County. Not to be …

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Canyon Falls, Montana

canyon falls

Surrounded on three sides by Downing Mountain, Canyon Peak, and Romney Ridge, Canyon Falls are a beautiful waterfall found a few miles west of Hamilton, near the Montana-Idaho state border. …

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Calamity Falls, Montana

Located near Redford along the southern border of Montana, Calamity Falls is a beautiful cascading water feature along the West Fork of Rock Creek in Custer Gallatin National Forest. Accessible …

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Whitefish Arts Festival, Montana

whitefish arts festival, montana

For over 40 years, the beautiful mountain town of Whitefish has celebrated the arts in its many forms via a colorful Fourth of July weekend shindig. Situated near Glacier National …

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Dawn Mist Falls, Montana

dawn mist falls

Located just north of Elizabeth Lake in the Glacier County Region of Glacier National Park, Dawn Mist Falls is a beautiful landmark preserved for only the most intrepid visitors willing …

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Big Salmon Falls, Montana

big salmon falls

Located near the junction of Smokey Creek and Big Salmon Creek, the Big Salmon Falls is a beautiful water feature tucked away in the Missoula County region of Flathead National …

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Big Falls, Cascade County, Montana

big falls

First discovered in 1805 by the Lewis & Clark Expedition, Big Falls is the tallest and the lowermost waterfall in a formation of five that have come to be known …

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Kootenai Falls, Montana

kootenai falls, lincoln county

Kootenai Falls is located in the Kootenai National Forest near Libby. This is the region of Montana’s scenic Lincoln County, and the falls are administered by the USDA Forest Service …

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Virginia Falls/St. Mary Falls, Montana

virginia fallsst. mary falls, montana

St Mary Falls and Virginia Falls are two impressive Montana waterfalls located within close proximity of each other. Glacier National Park is home to both of them along with numerous …

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Woodbine Falls, Montana

woodbine falls, stillwater county

Located in the region of Nye in Montana’s Stillwater County, the Woodbine Falls are one of the longest and most impressive falls in the entire state. A bold claim that …

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Vermilion River, Montana

vermilion river, montana

Vermillion River, or Vermillion Creek, is a large stream in the Clark Fork River system. While the stream only resides in Montana, the Clark Fork River flows through Idaho and …

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Beaver Medicine Falls, Montana

beaver medicine falls

Located along Sprague Creek in Glacier National Park’s Flathead County, Beaver Medicine Falls is a well-known water feature landmark along the Gunsight Pass Trail that leads to the Sperry Chalets. …

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Beaver Chief Falls, Montana

beaver chief falls

Also known as Diamond Falls and Lincoln Falls, the Beaver Chief Falls is one of the tallest waterfalls in Glacier National Park. However, thanks to its remote location in the …

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Barrier Falls, Montana

barrier falls

Tucked away in the Missoula County Region of Flathead National Forest, Barrier Falls, Montana, are some of the most difficult to reach and least visited waterfalls in the entire preserve. …

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Baring Falls, Montana

baring falls

Located in the Glacier County region of Glacier National Park, Baring Falls is a small 30ft waterfall that does not require too much effort to reach. Nestled between the beautiful …

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Atsina Falls, Montana

atsina falls, glacier county

Tucked away in the heart of Glacier National Park’s Glacier County, Atsina Falls is a beautiful water feature that is only accessible through a selection of rigorous multiday hiking trails. …

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Atlantic Falls, Montana

atlantic falls, glacier county

Situated in Glacier National Park’s less-visited Cut Bank region, Atlantic Falls is a 20-foot waterfall along Atlantic Creek. Best observed from the famous Continental Divide Trail, the hike to the …

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Akaiyan Falls, Montana

akaiyan falls, flathead county

There are over 200 beautiful cascading waterfalls riddled throughout the 1-million preserved acres of Glacier National Park. Some of these waterfalls, such as Saint Mary Falls and Virginia Falls, have …

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