S’il Vous Plait Falls, Gallatin County

s’il vous plaît falls 1

Hyalite Canyon is known for its trails, reservoir, and waterfalls. S’il Vous Plait Falls is one of the 12 waterfalls that are located in Hyalite Canyon. It is 1 of …

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A Guide to the Sun River, Montana

sun river

The Sun River flows from the Flathead National Forest at the South and North Forks confluence. The river flows southeast away from the mountains and empties into the Missouri River …

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A Guide to the Yaak River, Montana

yaak river

The Yaak River is a moderately large tributary of the Kootenai River. It originates near the Yahk Mountain in Southeast British Columbia and flows south towards Montana in Lincoln County. …

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Wise River, Montana

wise river montana

The Wise River originates in the Pioneer Mountains and flows north northwest to join the Big Hole River. The river resembles a mountain creek and is said to be one …

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A Guide to the Custer Battlefield Museum, Montana

custer battlefield museum

Are you a history buff visiting Montana and looking for the best historical sites to explore? The Custer Battlefield Museum, located in Garryowen, features artifacts, remains, and monuments of the …

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A Guide to The Yaak River Scenic Drive   

yaak river scenic drive

Following Route 508 for 29 miles of exquisite northwestern Montana beauty, the Yaak River Scenic drive runs from Montana’s Highway 2 to the quaint hamlet of Yaak. But as is …

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The Crater Ice Cave, Montana

crater ice cave

Ice Caves are one of the most interesting features of the Pryor Mountains in Montana. These rock caves are unique in that they are able to sustain a temperature that …

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Silken Skein Falls, Gallatin County

silken skein falls

A skein is defined as a tangle or complicated arrangement of objects or situations. This is the perfect description of the Silken Skein Falls in Hyalite Canyon, Montana. This delicate …

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Morning Eagle Falls, Glacier County

morning eagle falls

Morning Eagle Falls is a less-visited waterfall within Glacier National Park, though it’s still popular among hikers who take Piegan Pass Trail. The waterfall may be accessed by the Piegan …

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Monument Falls, Flathead County

monument falls

Nestled deep within the backcountry realms of Glacier National Park, in the Flathead County portion, you’ll find Monument Falls, a segmented horsetails waterfall (i.e., split falls) pouring down 170 feet …

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Monture Falls, Powell County

monture falls

Monture Falls is a beautiful, backcountry waterfall, nestled deep within the Lolo National Forest in the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex in Powell County, Montana. The waterfall is only accessible by …

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Ptarmigan Falls, Glacier County

ptarmigan falls

Ptarmigan Falls, named for the creek by the same name from which it flows, is a cascading falls located within Glacier National Park, in Montana. The creek is named for …

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The Ice Cave Loop, Montana

ice cave loop montana

Ice caves are a unique feature in Montana. There are interesting ice caves in numerous mountain ranges in Montana. The Big Snowy Mountains Wilderness area is home to the only …

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Graves Creek Falls, Sanders County

graves creek falls 1

Just 11 miles from the quaint and close-knit mountain town of Thompson Falls, the epic Graves Creek Falls in Sanders County provides a stunning hike for beginners and intermediate hikers …

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Hole-in-the-Wall Falls, Flathead County

hole in the wall falls

Situated in one of the most remote areas of the Glacier National Park backcountry, Hole-in-the-Wall Falls, Montana certainly has a magical allure to it. And while it’s nearly inaccessible to …

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Gros Ventre Falls, Glacier County

gros ventre falls

Here’s the truth: Glacier National Park offers so much resplendent beauty that it’d be nearly impossible to visit its many sites in even one week. While we’ve visited many of …

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Dean Falls, Flathead County

dean falls flathead

Nestled within the beautiful Flathead National Forest, Dean Falls is one elusive waterfall surrounded by majestic mountains, pine forests, wildlife, and numerous campgrounds. If you follow the Spotted Bear River …

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Shower Falls, Gallatin County

shower falls, montana

Shower Falls is one of 9 waterfalls that can be viewed from the Hyalite Lake trail. Though not the largest of the 9 waterfalls, Shower Falls is one of the …

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Sentinel Falls, Carbon County

sentinel falls, montana

Sentinel Falls is one of two small waterfalls along the West Fork of Rock Creek. Located in the Custer Gallatin National Forest, near the town of Red Lodge, hiking to …

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Martin Falls, Flathead County

martin falls

Martin Falls is located in Flathead National Forest, along Martin Creek (giving the falls their name). There isn’t a lot written about the falls online, but you can catch some …

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Salamander Falls, Glacier County

salamander falls, montana

Although not particularly remote, Salamander Falls are some of the more difficult to access falls within Glacier National Park. This narrow but tall waterfall is made from the melting ice …

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The 10 Best Fishing Tours in Montana

best fishing tours in montana

The movie, “A River Runs Through It”, made Montana one of the most popular places in the United States to fish. The beautiful views and some of the best trout …

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The Flathead River, Montana – A Guide

 flathead river

The Flathead River in Montana has large and swift drainage that runs from and through a few major northwest regions of the state. The river starts out past Glacier National …

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Rainbow Falls, Glacier County

rainbow falls, glacier county

Rainbow Falls is a popular waterfall within the boundaries of Glacier National Park, in the Glacier County portion. The beautiful falls are down a short hike that’s considered easy, making …

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Rockwell Falls, Glacier County

rockwell falls montana

Rockwell Falls is tucked into the mountains in one of the most iconic parts of Glacier National Park. This beautiful double cascade is an easy 6.6-mile round-trip hike passing through …

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Mokowanis Cascade, Glacier County

mokowanis cascade, glacier county

Splashing alongside the Mokowanis River in Glacier National Park, near the Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail (also known as the PNT), you’ll find the Mokowanis Cascade. The beautiful waterfall is …

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Miche Wabun Falls, Glacier County

miche wabun falls, glacier county

A way, way backcountry waterfall, Miche Wabun is near the Canadian border within Glacier National Park. The waterfall is extremely remote and would make for a great adventure-seeking trip for …

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The Seeley-Swan Scenic Drive, Montana

the seeley-swan scenic drive, montana

The Seeley-Swan Scenic Drive, which is also known as the Swan Highway and Highway 83, is a stretch of road that in simple terms connects Montana Route 200 to the …

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A Guide to The Best Scuba Diving In Montana

scuba diving in montana

Have you ever wondered what some of that scenic-looking water in Montana looks like from beneath the surface? Maybe the idea of feeling totally weightless or even interacting with local …

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Ipasha Falls, Glacier County

ipasha falls

Ipasha Falls is a stunning, rushing waterfall in the extremely remote backcountry terrain within Glacier National Park. The waterfall is only accessible by a multi-day hike along unmaintained trails to …

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Feather Plume Falls, Glacier County

feather plume falls

Located above the sinewy Cataract Creek, Feather Plume Falls is one of the lesser-known sites of Glacier National Park – and it’s a beautiful feast for the eyes, to say …

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McDonald Falls, Flathead County

mcdonald falls flathead county

McDonald Falls is a roadside waterfall within Flathead County portion of Glacier National Park. The waterfall is situated on the western side of the Going-to-the-Sun Road and may be viewed …

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Little North Fork Falls, Lincoln County

little north fork falls, lincoln county

Near Libby and Eureka Montana, Little North Fork Falls in Lincoln County is safely tucked away on a short hiking trail in the Kootenai National Forest in the northwestern corner …

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Lange Falls, Lewis and Clark County

lange falls, lewis and clark county

Not much is publicly shared about Lange Falls in Lewis and Clark County, Montana. The falls are at a fairly high elevation, in backcountry terrain, accessible only by foot or …

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Knowles Falls, Park County

knowles falls montana

Knowles Falls is situated within Yellowstone National Park, along the Yellowstone River Trail. The falls are located in the “Ash Mountain” quadrant of the park and can be accessed via …

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Rock Creek Falls, Powell County

rock creek falls, montana

Rock Creek Falls in Powell County Montana is located west of the town of Deer Lodge. This small waterfall is just above Rock Creek Lake and Dam which are part …

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Earthquake Lake Visitor Center: A Guide

earthquake lake visitor center

The Earthquake Lake Visitor Center is a place where you can go to find out about one of the most powerful earthquakes ever recorded in the North American region. This …

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Raven Quiver Falls, Glacier County

raven quiver falls

Raven Quiver Falls is one of the most majestic waterfalls in Glacier National Park. These beautiful falls tumble down the headwalls of some of the Park’s most iconic peaks. Raven …

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Feather Woman Falls, Flathead County

feather woman falls

With so many trails, lakes, waterfalls, and campgrounds at Glacier National Park, it can be hard to keep up – but lucky for you, we’re here to help. One of …

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Double Falls, Lewis and Clark County

Double Falls

Heading into the great Lewis and Clark National Forest for a few days? Lucky you! Surrounded by creeks and perched within hiking distance of numerous waterfalls and trails, Double Falls …

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Montana Segway Tours, Billings

montana segway tours

Many visitors to Billings in Montana come for the various recreation options. There is no shortage of different ways to explore both the downtown regions and the amazing surrounding landscapes …

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Deadwood Falls, Glacier County, Montana

deadwood falls

Sitting within the spectacular and immense Glacier National Park, Deadwood Falls is just one of many exceptional activities within the park’s bounds. And while the trip towards the falls is …

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Montana Zipline Adventures

montana zipline adventures

Montana is a renowned haven for all kinds of outdoor activity and it thus attracts everyone from hikers, skiers, and mountain bikers to anglers and boating or floating enthusiasts. It’s …

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Montana Blue Jewel Mine: A Guide

montana blue jewel mine

The Montana Blue Jewel Mine has repeatedly been reported as one of the best sapphire mining experiences in Montana. The site of the mine is 45 minutes northeast of Montana’s …

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The 5 Best Bed and Breakfasts in Livingston

best bed and breakfasts in livingston

The Southwest Montana city of Livingston was originally established as a railroad town along with existing and growing numbers of ranch settlements in the area. The town soon became a …

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